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  1. antpal

    antpal Well-Known Member

    Hi all, new user, so please accept my apologies in advance as i'm sure i'm missing something simple and will basically look a plonker! However, having been in the bosum of Mr Jobs since he released his first phone, i am becoming easilly confused by my new desire!

    Lovely little phone, and very easy on the eye UI wise. I've noticed one or two little things that i cant seem to work a way around, so maybe you guys can help.

    1. All of my homescreen widgets are set to update automatically every hour - these being twitter, fb, weather and news. However, i can have my phone idle for some time, unlock it and find that nothing has updated - for example, twitter will be on the same tweets that were there hours ago, and the weather will still be displaying a moon, despite it now being the middle of the morning - i basically have to manually update everything!

    2. When using wi-fi, i find that the phone basically conks out connection wise. If im browsing, i can do so for 5 or 10 minutes and then the browser stops loading pages. Checking everything else, i can't update weather, twitter etc. The only work around is to switch wifi off and on again, then everything works. Total pain!

    3. Can i add folders to within the main application page? Or just the home screen?

    4. When i got the phone the google maps worked perfectly in compass mode! amazing! I then updated to the most recent version of google maps, and now its crap. If i'm in compass mode (streetview or skymap, even some crumby startrek tricorder compass app), i turn 90 degrees, and the phones image rotates about 30 degrees. if i turn around completely, the phone goes through about 90 degrees.
    I reverted back to my installed version of maps to see if this remedied the problem, but it didn't, so i upgraded again.

    Thanks for reading folks, and sorry about my early user/newbie stoopidness!!


  2. chef_adrian

    chef_adrian Active Member

    Hey and welcome to life without an iphone! As for your questions;

    1. Make sure that your sync is actually turned on in the phone's menu. Menu> settings> accounts & sync> auto sync. It must be checked as well as background sync

    2. Not too sure about wifi. Hopefully someone else can help

    3. Folders only on the home screen. Not in the applications menu

    4. Try and calibrate your compass. Download 'gps status' from the marketplace and go in to tools> compass calibration. Also you can update your A-gps state work this program to get faster gps fix

    Hope done of this helps and enjoy your desire!
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  3. Rastaman-FB

    Rastaman-FB Well-Known Member

    try a different frequency with the wifi

    folders can be used on app drawer on some custom launchers, there are many

    as an ex iphone user though you didnt have an app drawer
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  4. antpal

    antpal Well-Known Member

    Hi, and thanks for your post.
    I've now set auto sync too. Hopefully this will help, although I'm now worried that the contacts i sync myself from Outlook will be replaced by whatever is in my (unused for over a year) Google mail account.

    The WiFi issue appears to come and go. So ill wait and see what happens there.

    Compass fixed. Appeared to be just a slow data connection.

    One weird issue i am left with however is using the app launch pro icons and docs. I did start a thread on this but Its been moved.
    The basic problem is that it doesnt work. When installed I hap the home key and end up at the home screen with no choice to use lpi. I've gone into app settings and tried to clear defaults in sense and lpi but this option is greyed out in both.
    Any ideas guys?
  5. antpal

    antpal Well-Known Member

    update: sync set to on, and all the background sync set to 15 mins.
    Have left the phone for an hour and low and behold - twitter still showing tweets from 1hr 10 mins ago - not updated, also weather still has sun shining, despite the fact its been dark for over 2 hours. Getting miffed with this now!
  6. Rastaman-FB

    Rastaman-FB Well-Known Member

    youve not got a custom lock screen have you? i know widget locker can cause problems with stuff like this
  7. antpal

    antpal Well-Known Member

    no, nothing like that. the phone is basically as it was out of the box.
  8. Rastaman-FB

    Rastaman-FB Well-Known Member

    what firmware is it running
    please post all the info from "settings>about phone> software information"
  9. antpal

    antpal Well-Known Member

    Hi, I've downloaded tweetdeck - and that actually updates as i like it and notifies me (something which twitter wasnt doing). So maybe i've worked around it - but twitter should be updating itself and its widget right??
    Other main issue i'm left with is the fact that Launcher pro icons and widgets doesnt work (i think i mentioned this earlier).

    Software as requested:
    Android 2.2
    BB Version
    htc-kernel@and18-2 #1
    build no: CL259355 release-keys
    Browser: WebKit 3.1

  10. EddyOS

    EddyOS Well-Known Member

    You're on the o2 branded version of Android so you'll have to wait on o2 to approve OTA updates
  11. antpal

    antpal Well-Known Member

    Hi eddy. Thanks for posting. I'm confused, what has software update have to do with Twitter etc updating? I'm connected to WiFi constantly and had no such issues with my iPhone or blackberry on o2 with auto updating etc

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