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  1. bbgeekchic

    bbgeekchic Member

    Hello members,

    I understand that there is probably a TON of information on fact its probably all what I am looking for.
    However with time constraint and running a business, I am in a pinch for being able to put in the time on forums like I used to.

    This may sound crazy but I have been a devoted BB user for over 10 years. In fact I have a BlackBerry business. For my own reasons I have purchased an HTC Inspire 4G this morning. (I will also be running the BB Torch)

    I provide tech support and training for BlackBerry smartphones. I know the OS inside and out. I know a bit of the iPhone.....I am at a loss with the Android OS.

    So heres the deal.
    With BB there are applications to remove the stock "crap" that the providers load on the device. How do I do that?

    With BB you can "hide" what you can't delete....can that be done with Android?

    I have a folder for applications, one for games, one for media etc... how does that work with this device.

    What aplications that are on here, need to stay?

    If there is anyone reading this that can go easy on a very new user of this OS and help me out, I would appreciate it.

    I once was in this very situation with BB over 10 years ago....I went from knowing nothing to running my own business and having close RIM contacts. Now I have to start ALL over again.... :rolleyes:

  2. Stylz

    Stylz Well-Known Member

    To be clear your talking about all the apps and other junk the manufacturers put on the phone before they sell it correct? In that case you might be out of luck unless you root your phone and use Titanium Backup to 'freeze' those apps
  3. bbgeekchic

    bbgeekchic Member

    Thank you for that tip. However because I am new...I am not even aware of what "Rooting" my phone means. Also what about creating folders etc, to clean up all the icons?

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