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  1. Mennolly

    Mennolly New Member

    Had this not quite a week, and not a very techy user, and barely understadn how to use gmail on my desk top.

    Is there a way to turn off the sound for email notifications but leave it on for the calendar reminders? I was able to turn off the Yahoo email notification through yahoo itself (well, someone else helped me with that) , but my other 2 email accounts (Google, and through my phone company ) still ring. I want the calendar to make noise (that's what a reminder is, after all ) -- but do not want the constant stream of email rings. So far, everything I try is all or nothing (notwithstanding what the setting menu in the calendar says).

    I also tried turning the email notifications to Fetch , but it only applied that function to my phone company linked account , not the Google one. Had this ability on BB bold and miss it. Thanks for any help -

  2. KOLIO

    KOLIO Guides Guide


    Each of these apps have their own settings for notifications.

    If you go to the email app, press MENU>SETTINGS.
    From there, you should be able to navigate to the notification settings for e-mail.

    Repeat this for the calendar application.

    Keep us posted & feel free to ask questions as needed.

  3. Mennolly

    Mennolly New Member

    Thanks but that doesn't work for multiple email accounts -- only the default email -- I had already tried that. The default email is NOT gmail and I don't want it to be. Unlike the Yahoo app, Gmail does not appear to have any "silent" option for the notifications. I can remove it from the notification bar, which does silence it (without silencing the calendar), but then I have to check it separately.
    And if you turn off the notification sound through the main home screen settings, it turns off the calendar sound.

    This is a pretty basic request/need for working folks with complex lives. It was simple on my BB -- Needs to be addressed/fixed.

    If you ahve any other ideas, please share.
  4. KOLIO

    KOLIO Guides Guide

    It sounds like you would be better served w/one of the many e-mail apps available in the GOOGLE PLAY STORE that offer a bit more customization & flexibility.

    I myself use the G-MAIL app,YAHOO MAIL app,& the generic stock e-mail app for my OUTLOOK webmail account,although I'm looking at using something other than the stock app for OUTLOOK.

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