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  1. KazooTom

    KazooTom New Member

    I am a new user to my Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 model GT-P5113 (USA model) wifi only. I have a couple questions I am hoping someone here can help me with. I also own and use a Samsung Galaxy Nexus phone which I can tether to the tab through blue tooth, or make the phone a wifi hotspot.

    1. Is there an app for the tablet that will allow me to access the functions of the phone (voice dialing, answering calls) the way it works with a blue tooth headset, or through a blue tooth automotive radio? Clearly I can pair the tablet with the phone through blue tooth, but can't seem to access anything.

    2. My normal email is through Charter as a provider (server). I have successfully set up the tablet to access my email. My problem is that when the tablet is accessing email it downloads the contents from the server to the tablet. I would like to set it up so that the tablet only downloads copies of the contents and leaves the original on the server the same way it works on the Nexus phones. Can someone step me through the settings to accomplish this?

    Sorry for making this so lengthy. Can anyone give me some guidance please?

    I just discovered that the Tablet set up the email as an imap account while the phone sets it up as a pop3 account with option to leave original on server. I am not able to figure out how to change the imap account to pop3 on the tablet. I think if I can do that it will solve my problem.

    Thanks in advance for your time and effort in assisting me in this issue.

  2. KazooTom

    KazooTom New Member

    Just an update;

    I finally figured out how to set up the tablet as a pop3 account and my problems are now solved in reference to emails. What I discovered is that in my version of ICS there is no provision to stop deleting the messages from the server. I used the settings in my laptop to set up the tablet in pop3 and the option to leave the messages on the server is available.

    I'm still looking for a program that will allow me access to phone functions when tethered to my phone. Anyone?

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