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  1. Matt43

    Matt43 Well-Known Member

    Hopefully someone can assist. Being the proud owner of an X10 I have a few issues to resolve:

    1. Battery life. As suggested on this site I have installed Juice Defender and Advanced Task Killer. However I'll be honest, I don't know how to use them, they seem to have numerous options. What I want to achieve is maximise the battery life and use the phone for calls / text / internet as and when I want. I'm not bothered about stuff running in the background or the phone checking my e-mail every 10 mins for me etc etc!! Can anybody suggest if Juice Defender and Task Killer are the right things to have installed, should I have one and not the other, and how do I set them up?

    (Yesterday I made / received 5 short phone calls and 2 texts and spent about 10min on the net. Battery went from fully charged to 10% in 18 hours)

    2. Regularly when I try to connect to the internet or check e-mails I get a message saying "Unable to connect to the network" or "Error loading messages - retry?" This is despite having a good signal and being able to send / receive texts and phone calls no problem.

    3. What do the following icons mean? On the home page there is a row of four icons. I know one is bluetooth and another is ringtone off / vibrate, but what are the other two that look like radar dishes ?

    4. Occasionally a tiny radar dish icon appears at the top of the screen next to the 3G icon and signal strength bars - what does this mean??

    I think this is a great phone but I need to know what I'm doing to use it to its full potential. Thanks for any assistance.

  2. Cubanjinx

    Cubanjinx Well-Known Member

    1. If you're getting 18hrs of use already I wouldn't worry too much about ATK or JD

    2. If you have good signal and still get that message you might be connected to WiFi that doesn't have a good signal

    3. The other 2 icons are WiFi and GPS

    4. If that radar icon is flashing then something is trying to access your location. If you dont need GPS on all the time I would recommend shutting it off

    I'm basing all my answers off my phone which is an evo but im pretty positive they're the same for you.
    Hope this helps
  3. werthers

    werthers Well-Known Member

    1. Turn down screen brightness, I find even on bright days 50% is fine and 0% ok indoors. Since you're not bothered about checking email etc I wouldn't use juice defender just turn off wifi, apn 3G, bluetooth and gps until you actually need them (I use quick settings for this but others are available). 18hours isn't too bad I found as others have too that the battery improves with age after a few discharges.

    2-4 jinx seems to have cleared them up
  4. TheManWithAPlan

    TheManWithAPlan Well-Known Member

    18hrs with gps and 3g is an achievement lol.. but ye i guess the questions are answered above! aparently people have reported the battery life aswel as many other aspects of the phone are much better now with new update r2ba020! but i can only be sure when they release it in the uk.. hopefully sometime today/tomorrow :)
  5. Matt43

    Matt43 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the replies so far ... I'm making it my mission to see how much battery life I can squeeze out of it. I tried removing JD and ATK yesterday, phone went from fully charged to 5% in 11 hours! So I've put JD back on to see what difference that makes (speaking of which how do I get rid of the "JD" icon that is always at the top of the screen in the notifications window?)

    1. As regards the four icons on the home screen - I'm familiar with bluetooth and always have that disabled unless I actually need it. The wi-fi and gps icons ..... which is which? One refreshes when I tap it, the other disables.

    2. What does "APN" stand for and what does it do ?

    3. Is there a quick way to enable / disable wi-fi. APN, GPS etc ?

    Thanks again ... I'll get the hang of this b***y phone one day!!!!!

    RAND0M1ZER Well-Known Member

    To save battery install a home replacement app, I found a huge battery boost when I replaced the default one with Helix launcher.
  7. Matt43

    Matt43 Well-Known Member

    Random1zer - many thanks for the reply, however what is a "home replacement App"? I've searched the market for Helix but can't find the app you mentioned. Thanks again

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