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  1. Shadow29577

    Shadow29577 New Member

    well i finally got sick of dealing with the blackberry and its 4523985798203759823759023859384 problems, and sprint sent me a samsung transform BUTTTTTTTTT no instruction manual to go along with it. ive pretty much gotten it figured out but i cant figure out things like adding the weather and clock to the home screen like it shows on the book and display model at the store, and it seems to get very hot when charging and goto a black screen often. is this normal and how do i go about adding that feature to my home screen?

    thanks ahead of time

  2. Shadow29577

    Shadow29577 New Member

    also, i have figured out how to change the ringer for phone calls but not for things such as emails and text messages, how do i do that as well?

  3. Shadow29577

    Shadow29577 New Member

    i found answers to my questions on a IRC room for android

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