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new version of pendo pad..General

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  1. WacKEDmaN

    WacKEDmaN Member

    i got sent a new pendo pad today after the last ones batteries stopped holding a charge and started to swell up...

    first thing i notice...it has 4GB of flash memory instead of 2GB (the screen protector has also been updated to reflect this)

    2nd..i noticed the voltage is different...this new one is 8v @ 1.5A - 18w with 8v charger.. old one was 9v @ 2A - 18watts max with 9v charger..

    apart from that..the rest is the same..even the model number..

    so yeah..this is just a heads up that there is a few different versions of the pendo out there.....

    will dump the rom and post it here if anyone is interested

  2. longtimerider

    longtimerider New Member

    Hey, would you say that this tablet would be worth getting now?

    Is it any better than the previous version?

    Does the increase in the RAM make any difference?


  3. bubbasd

    bubbasd Well-Known Member

    does this pendo pad come with isc and will the tpc7slv be able to handle isc?
  4. davidjerrett

    davidjerrett New Member

    you will be sorry u got it

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