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New version of the market, small issuesSupport

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  1. keerf

    keerf Well-Known Member This Topic's Starter

    Nov 16, 2009
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    Hey All,

    Question for everyone who maybe got the new market via silent update which I did. I noticed a few weird glitches and just curious if it is my phone or the new update.

    First off, when downloading an update to a program the "progress bar" if you will just is crudely laid over the "Purchased" and stars, until it actually starts downloading. Anyone else seeing this?

    Secondly I had the market crash on me once today. I went to downloads to see if any updates, searched for an app, then hit back and all of a sudden I had updates. I hit the update all button and the market crashed them resumed as normal.

    Should I worry to much about these? Or is this just the quirks of the new market on this particular phone.

    Thanks all!


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