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  1. sc2dave

    sc2dave Well-Known Member

    I switched carriers and now i need a T-Mobile phone. I had an Admire.So what can i get that's about the same as an Admire? I don't want to spend more than 125.00 Thanks.

  2. doctorfrylock

    doctorfrylock Well-Known Member

    Might i suggest the Exhibit 2 4g? It got a great 3.7in screen, and a 1.4 Ghz processor, and it only costs $29.99 witha new contract.
  3. sc2dave

    sc2dave Well-Known Member

    I forgot to mention that i don't want a contract,since I'll be getting the 30 a month pre-pay plan. I hardly ever talk,so 100 min a month might be enough.I do a lot of texting and internet,which will be unlimited on this plan.
  4. sc2dave

    sc2dave Well-Known Member

    I finally broke down and got this one used for 167.00.Is this one software version upgradable and very open to other upgrades and mods?
  5. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator

    Which did you get?
  6. sc2dave

    sc2dave Well-Known Member

    Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant SGH-T959

  7. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator

    There are custom rom opportunities for your Vibrant.

    I've moved your thread to our Vibrant forum so that you can get the best firsthand advice and information from other owners.

    To learn about the full customizations possible, visit the All Things Root subforum from here. :)
  8. sc2dave

    sc2dave Well-Known Member

    Man, the ebay seller backed out of the sale!! He refunded me my money w/o any explanation! Afetr writing back to ebay complaining,he wrote that the phone display cracked when he dropped it while packaging it at the post office. I kept looking and ended up w/ a t759 Exhibit.One thing though, it has a cracked screen.are these easy to replace? I got it for 110. The seller states the display is not affected at all,just cracks in it.

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