New WiFi Modem. Connected but no connection?

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  1. paulkruger

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    My old wifi router died so I installed a new one today. Seems to work fine except that even though my Optimus V says it is connected, has an IP and strong signal I cannot connect to the internet. Cannot browse web, cannot connect via Amazon or Market etc. Phone acts as if it has no connection even though it says it does.

    Installed Cyanogen Mod, Android 2.3


  2. benslgdroid

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    Try to restart your router it may have no connection.

    I'm moving this to all things root where you can better be helped
  3. AndyOpie150

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    If that doesn't work: Go to menu/settings/Networks/WiFi/manage networks/tap on network/select ignore. Back out and turn off phone. Turn off and disconnect the Router and modem (make sure you take the backup batteries out of the modem). Starting with the modem, connect everything back up making sure you give everything time to fully reboot before hooking up the router. Last thing to do is turn the phone on and go to menu/settings/Networks/WiFi/manage networks/tap on network/put in the password.

    If that doesn't work reset the router and modem.
  4. paulkruger

    paulkruger Member

    Sorry my dumb error. Being from a different manufacturer than I had used the setup was unfamiliar. While I entered the WEP info it seems I saved but did not follow an added step to "apply" the change. My phone was trying to use WEB while the router was still unsecured.

    Once I investigated and found my error and "applied" before saving ( why two steps to save I don't know ) all works fine now.

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