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  1. CorsarioNegro

    CorsarioNegro Member

    Hello everyone. I have a Samsung S7500 (Galaxy Ace Plus), and I've noticed that the latest Youtube app (the one with the new design and features) almost never comes in use when clicking a Youtube link from, say, Twitter or Tumblr apps.
    Instead, I'm taken to the mobile browser, and from there I can't get the video to play on the app; instead, it plays within the browser which gives me a lot less options (cannot favourite, switch hq on and off, add to playlist).

    I have tried different mobile browsers and the only one who doesn't behave this way is Firefox for Android, but i don't particularly find it good (my phone hangs every now and then while using it). Other browsers like Boat, Dolphin Mini, regular Dolphin, all of them play Youtube from the mobile site.

    Is there a way I can force YouTube videos to play in the app and not in browser? Youtube was already set as the default app when I got asked about it a while back.

  2. vosg

    vosg Well-Known Member

    Have you tried to clear the defaults of the Youtube app?
    How: go to settings, applications, click the "All" tab. Scroll all the way down to the Youtube app, click it, scroll down and click Clear defaults.
    Hope this helps...
  3. CorsarioNegro

    CorsarioNegro Member

    I got rid of Firefox, went back to using the default browser.
    Cleared all its default launch settings, also cleared all the Youtube app settings. Cleared all data on both.

    But it didn't solve anything. I'm still getting the following behavior:
    twitter link --> browser --> mobile Youtube site. And if I switch from mobile site to desktop version, it still launches the video within the browser, only this time via Flash plugin.

    It's like the new Youtube app lost its 'oomph' factor that made it take over every time a video was played. It must be the tiniest of settings that Firefox somehow has active, as opposed to every other browser. But I had to let Firefox go since it hanged my phone when i turned it sideways.
  4. wxfreak

    wxfreak New Member

    I know I'm pulling up an old thread, has anyone found a solution? I can run Firefox with a ad-on to fix this as well, but the system gets so laggy it's unusable. Running Gingerbread on a stock rooted Droid X2.
  5. nc10t

    nc10t Member

    Useless is what I think of it. Acer A500 10.1" tablet with dual core and lots memory. ICS 4.0.3 so I can STILL have Flash Player that work. Stock A500 w/o rooting, here. Stock browser suddenly started handing me against my will and forced the browser to load horrible youtube app. Hardly any YT video would play, all videos played fine under REAL Adobe Flash on stock browser of ICS. So, use about:debug every time I boot the stupid browser so I can force DESKTOP on as many webpages as will pay attention to the call. IT'S NOT A PHONE, STUPID GOOGLE! Have to go to the bottom of and click I want the desktop site as it won't store it in my youtube login file. Plays great back under Flash plugin in the stock browser, because it's FLASH, not Google bloatware.

    I think the bloatware app must be loading the system down with the Google spying. I uninstalled all the youtube app "upgrades", which always made it worse, then long clicked and got to app info and found the DISABLE button on youtube app had been restored with the old default version so I killed it! It watches the desktop youtube Flash plugin, again, and everything plays in Flash. Damn them.

    The other, more logical, solution is to just go back to my $299 Samsung laptop with better sound, better video, no Android nonsense and watch youtube on Firefox/Win7 without being molested.
  6. vosg

    vosg Well-Known Member

    I use Boat browser to watch Youtube on my tablet, being very frustrated with the Youtube app. It works great, provided that you configure Boat browser to always use desktop sites.

    Menu, Settings, Page content settings, Set user agent to Desktop.
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  7. wxfreak

    wxfreak New Member

    Boat Browser is great!
    I was happy to find that it can be used to open the native YouTube app.

    1) Let a link load the site into Boat Browser.
    2) Press and hold the *corner* of the video thumbnail (not the center)
    3) Select "Open in YouTube app".

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