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  1. demlv

    demlv Member

    I tried to update the Incredible's stock youtube app with the version released in the Market today. The new version worked fine and I really like it. But upon closing the app, it auto-uninstalled, saying that I could continue to use the stock version.

    I thought that I would simply remove the stock app and then install the market version, but the uninstall button is greyed out. What's the solution? Titanium freeze the stock version and then install the new one? :confused:

    Probably being a bit cautious here, but I want to do this right the first time.



  2. ryanmc

    ryanmc Member

    Just tried this myself. The app did not uninstall when I exited. I was previously using the stock app that comes with this ROM.
  3. demlv

    demlv Member

    Got it working fine now. Perhaps I was just a bit too early. I have no idea which (either the Market listing or the the Youtube app) but something definitely changed between yesterday and today.

    When I first tried to update, the Youtube app did not even show as being installed -- just "Free". But after seeing your response, ryanmc, I looked it up in the Market again. This time when I searched for it, the Youtube app showed with an "Update" available (though surprisingly, it did not appear in the "Downloads" tab at all). At any rate, it installed right over the top of the existing Youtube app and this time it held. Now the Market shows that I can uninstall the update, but not the whole app.

  4. Fatal

    Fatal Active Member

    Any free app that is downloaded will not show up in your downloads. Only purchased software will show up in downloads in the Market.
  5. flyride

    flyride New Member

    All my downloads show up in the market, purchased or not.
  6. demlv

    demlv Member

    same here. all downloads show up whether free or purchased.

  7. Skorpios1027

    Skorpios1027 Frell me dead VIP Member

    The reason you do not have the option to unintall the whole app is because you can't (normally) uninstall a stock app.

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