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    Hi, I am new. I don't have an Android phone yet. I have used SE, and Nokia. I just sold SE 750i and a Nokia 66800. I have been researching Android ever since it started to show up on phones. I like the philosophy, and from what I have seen, its brilliant. I have played with G1 ans HTC Magic, I nearly went for the Magic, Iv found the one I like. HTC Hero. Much of the software I have been scouting around for is also coming together.

    I use E71 on 02. Good phone, and not a bad network. The phone is unlocked. I have a sim only deal, which is very good. But for my next phone, I may just go for an eighteen month contract. I get some better features, roaming cost are lower and with the extras that come with the package. I can have all land line calls covered as well. Before I go a head, I will. Cost it out.

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