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  1. jchurchwell

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    Okay people. You have a real project on your hands with me!!! Just got my first smart phone and don't know anything. I got the HTC Vivid. My first problem is I installed a 32GB micro sd card in it and the first time I plugged into my PC it came right up and I was abl to copy some music to it. Now when I plug the phone into the PC it doesn't come up at all. Any ideas? I will thank everyone now for any help & education you can give me, Thanks, John

  2. lunatic59

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    *moved to HTC Vivid forum*

    When you plug your phone in to your PC you should see an icon in the notification bar that looks like the USB symbol. Drag the bar down and tap on USB connected. This will allow you to mount the phone in storage mode and copy files back and forth.
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    Welcome to Android Forums, John!
    As you can see, you aren't too much for us to handle here at all.;)
    We are glad you have joined the membership here.
    Have fun with your new Vivid!:)

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