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    Jan 26, 2011
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    My name is Lee and I always had Nokia phones before, my last being the Nokia N97. Having always been a huge fan of Google however, when the HTC Desire HD came out, it became the must have phone.

    Yesterday I could finally upgrade;) via 3; and what an upgrade! I love the HTC Desire HD, it's such a joy to use. Finally I can seamlessly sync, without having to install Google Sync, and then do the same across Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter!

    Almost everything I've seen so far has a "wow" factor:D. I've only had a couple of disappointments:

    1) I've had some problems signing up and getting onto HTC Sense. With a little intervention via the PC with the account verification, it seems to have solved most of the problems though.
    2) :confused:Calendar has been a little bit of a disappointment because, for some reason, my repeated calendar entries aren't appearing at all (in yet, they are still there when I go via the web. One off entries appear fine. Is there a better calendar app or some kind of fix to the one that comes with HTC Desire HD? UPDATE - I've solved this problem. Repeated entries should be set to "never end". They appeared to default to ending in 2100. Once I corrected this, the repeated entries synced perfectly.

    I'm pleased to find this forum and welcome any tips or tricks for my new phone.

    So what to do next!? There's so many choices! Goodbye Ovi! Hello Android Market!

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