Newbie Help- Sent emails disappearing on droid xSupport

  1. Eman01

    Eman01 New Member

    I am a new droid user from a blackbery and have two email accounts, one with Yahoo and a business account. When I reply or send an email it does not appear in the sent folder. I like to have them to refer back too in the future. Wrong setting????


  2. AFAngryWarrior

    AFAngryWarrior Well-Known Member

    I only use Gmail, but if its anything like Gmail there should be a Folders setting where you can set which folders sync to the phone and how many days to sync. Try and find an option like that once you open the email app and go to settings. I had the same thing with Gmail not showing sent, then figured out I had to check the sent items folder to sync to the phone so I could see them.

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