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Newbie here with an iPhone 4 really....

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  1. kmr2010

    kmr2010 Member

    Wanting the Inspire 4G! I have been reading this site for info, and you all seem very informed, so here is my question. I've read about cancellations department and how contacting them with threatenting to cancel MAY get an early upgrade. I'm now on my 3rd iPhone 4 since Halloween (whenever I got the first one) because they all either 1) won't hold a signal 2) won't find edge or 3G AT ALL or 3) "cannot connect to cellular data network". It's quite annoying and I have expressed to AT&T that I just want a phone that works and they are very nice, but say there's nothing they can do as I'm under contract. I really am considering switching, but if I call, and tell my story, does anyone think this will really work? We've been with AT&T for 8 years.

  2. Aatos.1

    Aatos.1 Well-Known Member

    First of all, the cancellations department is _not_ where you want to start. They get threats of canceling all day long, get pretty tired of it, especially right now with all the Verizon activity ,and therefore are more likely to flex their authority and tell you to get lost (so to speak).

    I take a completely different approach. I call into the regular customer service department, with a friendly, but matter of fact tone of voice. I tell my story, explain that my current phone (whatever it might be, cause I do this whenever I want a new phone) is not working for me and I want to replace it with _______ whatever phone I happen to want.

    They listen and usually say no. At that point, I say thank you for trying to help me, (even though they didn't) and then I ask for a supervisor. They usually say they're busy, I say no problem I will wait. They say, let me have them call you back. I say I'm too hard to reach and I will hold. When the super comes on the phone I repeat the story and say that I've been long time AT&T customer (true) and that I am unhappy but do not want to threaten to leave, I just want a new phone.

    It's at this point they ask to put me on hold, they check with whomever they need to check with and come back saying they will be happy to help me. They then offer me the phone as some price above the upgrade price. I say thanks that's a generous offer, but it won't work for me. I want the upgrade price, since that's what others are getting.

    When they say I'm not eligible for the upgrade, I remind them I'm being courteous, I'm not threatening to leave that I want to remain a happy customer and the upgrade price is what I am willing to pay. They then ask to put me on hold, they check and come back with an authorization to sell it to me for the upgrade price.

    Be prepared to be on the phone about and hour to get this done, but in my estimation this is an hour well spent. So that's how I get what I want, I've done this more than six time in six years, as I upgrade every time something new comes out that I want.

    Now let's debunk a myth right now. This has _nothing to do with iPhone_ customers. I see reports that AT&T is worried about losing iPhone customers so they are getting special treatment, that is NOT true. I know this as fact.

    Use the method I have outlined with patience courtesy and a matter of fact, but pleasant attitude that the only thing that will satisfy you is a new phone at the upgrade price and they will take care of you.

    It's why I have remained a happy AT&T customer for years.

    Cheers... :)

    Oh, and by the way, I've also been a Verizon customer for the same amount of time, (over a decade) and they will not do this. Their customer service is terrible.
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  3. kmr2010

    kmr2010 Member

    First off, thank you so very much for your help.

    Is it going to help, or hurt my case that I have called in numerous times with problems with my iPhone 4 and am now on my 3rd one? My problem is, I had to sign a new contract on Halloween to get this phone, so I'm pretty much still under full contract. I don't want to be ugly to them, but I really do just want a phone that works. Back in December, I spoke to a very nice guy in technical support about my Crapple phone, and I asked him "isn't there anyway I can get an android device that will actually work?" he laughed and said, "we have new phones awesome android phones coming out in the first quarter so if I were you, I would wait." Maybe he was trying to say there were ways around it?? Who knows. Thanks again, though!
  4. mattbe213

    mattbe213 Well-Known Member

    I doubt that you calling in multiple times about your iPhone can/will hurt you. That is the fault of Apple, and you were just letting them know about it.

    As for the rest, Aatos.1's way of doing things sounds like a solid plan, so I would try that before something else that could ruin the whole thing.

    Hope this helps!!!

  5. kmr2010

    kmr2010 Member

    They wouldn't do it. He said my only option was to contact apple again with my problem that there was absolutely nothing they can do.. And that's from the supervisor. I have horrible luck. :(
  6. Yaken

    Yaken Well-Known Member

    Yeah, being under 1 year into your contract, you really won't get much. I would sell your iphone and use that cash to buy the inspire at no contract pricing.
  7. thoffland

    thoffland Well-Known Member

    That's what I'm doing... you should get enough, or almost enough to pay for the cost of the Inspire depending on how many gigs your Iphone has.
  8. kmr2010

    kmr2010 Member

    I have the 16GB that's pretty much brand new, because I just got it at the very beginning of January. I wanna sell online, but am skeptic of those websites you sell too and I'm eBay ignorant. Hopefully, I can figure something out because the Inspire is one awesome phone.
  9. Androidjunkee

    Androidjunkee Well-Known Member

    I suggest trying craigslist. Do some research in your area on the site and see how much people are selling their iPhone 4 16gb phones for and go from there. You could always list it like 40-50 bucks cheaper than anyone else to get rid of it fast. Just make sure you meet whoever it is to buy the phone in a public place during the day with plenty of people around so they dont get any bright ideas about jacking you.

    Good luck with everything and let us know how it goes.
  10. Aatos.1

    Aatos.1 Well-Known Member

    The main problem when trying to sell an iPhone via Craigslist, or any other way to the public, is an iPhone is an especially high profile item. There are some pretty bad people out there.

    A friend of mine listed his on Craigslist, met a potential buyer inside a Starbucks, showed him the phone and he grabbed it and ran out the door to a waiting car and sped off.

    He immediately reported it to to the police, made a report, but nothing became of it.

    After that happened, I had an iPhone to sell so I decided to do it the easy way. I got $350 for my iPhone, the entire process was really easy and it took less than five days.

    Here is the site I used, they are very reliable and trustworthy. Currently they are paying $360 for your phone.

    Sell and Recycle Used Electronics - Gazelle

    Cheers... :)
  11. g_patrick15

    g_patrick15 Well-Known Member

    I sold mines on eBay. To avoid their exhorbitant fees I listed it for $100, with $385 shipping. The buyer understood perfectly that either way the phone would cost him $485. That way, I paid eBay $14 to sell it instead of ~$60.
  12. kmr2010

    kmr2010 Member

    Thanks for the info, everyone! I really appreciate it!!

    I will definitely try the gazelle since someone on here can verify it.

    If I knew how to work eBay, and not get screwed over, I probably would!! Since i'm a 22 year old girl in Mississippi, with a bunch of crazy hicks, Craigslist is definitely not an option because i'd be scared lol

    Thanks so much again, and I'll let y'all know!! I can buy it, but I'm hoping I may have worked something out with an AT&T rep today because the one i spoke to one yesterday who blatantly told me that'd it'd make more sense for me to pay my ETF and move to another carrier, than pay out of contract price since I have problems with my iPhone 4. So I thanked him and hung up, called back today and complained and the manager was extremely nice and said they didn't want to see me leave after so long and they'd call me Monday around 10 am to offer me the discounted price, but I would have to agree to a new contract and it was only offered through customer service. I'm not getting my hopes up, though!!

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