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  1. mom2joshcanpar

    mom2joshcanpar New Member

    I have Straight Talk LG Optimus Dynamic. I have a 32gb sd card but nothing goes on it and I keep getting "low on space" "insufficient storage" and "phone storage is full". How and what do I move to my sd card. Please help I am sooooo lost. :(
    Thank you

  2. Mikestony

    Mikestony ~30% Carbon Black ± Moderator

    Welcome mom2joshcanpar!
    How many apps do you have? And how many texts/mms/emails do you keep on the phone?

    Alot of that stuff is stored on the internal storage.

    I have also heard of people uninstalling app updates and then reinstalling the updated app itself.

    Delete any unneeded texts and emails.

    You can move some apps to the sd card but not all...some widgets will not work if an app is moved to the sd card. On top of that, moving the app to the sd card via the phone's "move to sd card", does not move the entire app....just part of it.
    I am not familiar with your device and the space allotted for internal memory.
    But those are some options to try.:)
  3. Squeegee

    Squeegee Well-Known Member

    But on the dynamic, there is no option to move apps to the external sd card. Only internal memory or phone memory. Not sure why, read some on it earlier and seen that with ICS your not given the option either, and the Dynamic runs on 2.3. I'm having the same priblem.
  4. Squeegee

    Squeegee Well-Known Member

    I only have 9 apps installed, only one of which is over 5mb. I tried AppMgr 3 and its no help.
  5. bigjoncoop

    bigjoncoop Well-Known Member

    hey squeegee

    I to have a optimus dynamic. and have the same problem. i rooted my phone so I could use app2sd to force apps to move to sdcard but you must be careful doing so.

    I recommend going to
    settings.applications.manageapplications. click on internal tab. then make sure all the apps on the list have a blue check mark next to them. if they don't touch the empty mark and it will pop up a window. select "move to internal memory" this will move that app out of system memory.and help free some up.

    also when u uninstall a app make sure u do it in system.apps.manageapps. choose the app u want to uninstall and click clear cache and.clear data before u select uninstall. if you don't do that parts of the app will be left behind taking up system memory.

    if you need more help you can always send me a.message here or email me.

    i also use cachemate from to periodically clear system cache. this will also help.clear.up some.memory. and will not hurt ur phone

    hope this helps

    * I only rooted my phone after a lot of.research. it.will.also void ur manufacturer warrenty and could possibly ruin

    contact me for help. u.don't root to do what I posted.
  6. nickdalzell

    nickdalzell Well-Known Member Contributor

    The Dynamic and Logic are basically alike. the SD Card was never meant to be used for apps, but rather MP3s, movies, video, downloads, etc. the only way to get more internal storage without buying a better phone involves rooting, installing ClockWorkMod recovery, creating an SD-EXT partition, and installing a custom ROM/Kernel which supports it. there are some available on Android Area 51 and i've gotten as much as 4 GIGS out of a Precedent, another limited-storage phone sold in Straight Talk.

    even with the non-root hacks to make SD the default install destination, parts of apps will still need to use internal storage so your choices are extremely limited. even with the 'pm setinstalllocation 2' hack i only got enough to get Facebook's newest update in and then BAM! low space again. it will still top out at around a dozen or so apps. for these cheap phones, rooting has far more benefits than costs, the least of which is the sd-ext support and having more internal storage than a Droid DNA
  7. Squeegee

    Squeegee Well-Known Member

    Thanks, really dont want to root at the moment. Im not a huge app user for the most part so as long as I dont download apps i wont use it shouldnt be too bad.
  8. nickdalzell

    nickdalzell Well-Known Member Contributor

    just remember, if you're stuck with the 'low space' icon in your notification bar you will not only experience slowdowns (Android works best with at least 30% free space, and on a phone like yours, with 102mb total storage with at least 80MB available, that means you need at least 45MB to remain stable) but you will not get text messages, emails, update alerts from Google Play, and Facebook notifications will cease. for reasons unknown, whenever low space shows up, you lose sync.

    Unfortunately, without root you will never get as much from this cheap little phone as you could. i got CyanogenMod 7.1 (my favorite custom ROM) on my Galaxy Precedent with over 3GB of 'internal' storage available in addition to the 3GB+ of the SD card remaining. i am able to overclock and get much faster performance and zero lag, when i had a few issues with it refusing to respond for a few seconds and later 'catching up' all at once when i was on stock Froyo (Android 2.2)
  9. bigjoncoop

    bigjoncoop Well-Known Member

    !!!! Do not partition sdcard and use link2SD on optimus dynamic/logic!!!!!

    this will not work on these phones!!! just spent hours fixing my phone after doing this. I chatted with the Guy who made the custom rom four these phones at area51 live chat and he said that there is a bug on these LG phones that wont allow link2sd to work correctly. u can move the apps but after u reboot there gone. the phone wont find them..

    Don't say I didn't warn u. lol
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  10. nickdalzell

    nickdalzell Well-Known Member Contributor

    well that certainly stinks. i was going to consider the logic (only one available here in backwoods Kentucky) before i ended up with the Precedent and still glad i chose the Precedent
  11. Bella Giovanni

    Bella Giovanni New Member

    Thanks everyone. I'm having the same problem. I moved all pics & screenshots to my ad card & still low on storage space. Not really sure what else to do other than deleting emails?

    Also, can anyone help me with rooting or game hacking? I play Kim Kardashian Hollywood made by Glu & have been trying to figure out how to hack for months. I'm not tech savvy :( Please help
  12. funkylogik

    funkylogik share the love peeps ;) VIP Member

    Hacking an app can't really be discussed legally on this site if that's what you mean.
    Hacking your phone most certainly can and the best place to start is in your device forum :thumbsupdroid:
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  13. Bella Giovanni

    Bella Giovanni New Member

    Ok, thank you
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