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newbie needs help transferring contacts from winmo phone

  1. ctts

    ctts Member

    I'm new to Android so any help would be greatly appreciated! Just got a Sprint HTC EVO Shift 4GT (ES4G). Updating from Windows Mobile based HTC Touch Pro 2 (TP2).

    Based on info I found on the web, I used TBExport to export my contacts on my TP2 (the exported file is still on my phone). I then hooked up the TP2 to my laptop and imported my contacts into Google/Gmail. Somehow I managed to sync my Android ES4G with my Google/Gmail contacts. The problem is that on my phone, I only see the first name of my contacts. No last names. This is not a sorting issue. Even when I click on edit contact, there is no last name listed. In addition, there are no phone numbers associated with the names. So all I have is a list of first names on my phone contacts... When I check my contacts on Google/Gmail on my laptop, it also shows up initially as only the first name. When I click on the contact, I see under it that the last name and phone number is there. Anybody know what is going on? In the end, my goal is for my contacts to show up on my phone with both the first and last name, in addition to the phone number... It doesn't sound like too much to ask for, but it seems so difficult for me to get there!

  2. ctts

    ctts Member

    I just noticed that when I clicked on the contact on my laptop, I see that the last name and phone number is listed as a custom field and not in the standard fields. I am guessing this is why it is not showing up...is there a way around this besides manually transferring all the info to the standard fields?
  3. John Redcorn

    John Redcorn Well-Known Member


    Google runs a winmo activesync server you can setup on the winmo phone, it will sync all your contacts/calendar items up to google/gmail without using any winmo app or your activesync pc app, tbexport or usb cable.

    Try and delete all the messed up ones 1st from gmail on your pc, turn on wifi or put your sim back into the winmo phone and see if this works better, it works perfect for syncing contacts between my wife's winmo phone and android tablet.
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  4. ctts

    ctts Member

    John - It totally worked!! Thanks a lot!! I was about to manually correct each contact info which would have taken forever...

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