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  1. droidros

    droidros Well-Known Member

    I'm a Tap Fish addict and recently downloaded Pocket Frogs and started playing. It is kind of cute, but I have some very basic questions. I feel I'm missing something. I'm at Level 5 and have 5 habitats including the nursery. The Help says you can buy a new habitat from levels 2-7. What happens after level 7? How many can you buy altogether? It sounds like you're only allowed 8 habitats altogether. Since you can only get 8 frogs in each one, that's not very many!

    Also, what exactly is the goal and what strategies do you use? I would have thought it would be to get as many high-level varieties as possible -- but where do you put them all? I started off selling the low-level fish, but at only 57 coins I couldn't get anywhere, so I sold the higher level fish in order to buy the habitats.

    i also don't get the point of the catalog. why would one want to buy fish you already have at several times the price you can sell them for? And where would you put them, anyway? I am always having to turn down fishes I've won in the pond or in the races because I don't have any room in my mailbox and habitats and can't afford new habitats.

    These may be stupid questions, but as I said, I feel I'm missing something. I have tried to visit neighbors, but haven't been able to.

    Any help would be appreciated!

  2. droidros

    droidros Well-Known Member

    I've figured out how to earn xp and am now up to level 6, but I still don't know what happens after you've reached level 7 and you've bought the 7 habitats. How many habitats can you own? and I'm still a little mystified by the overall point of the game.

    I'd appreciate hearing any tips at all from anybody who's played this game -- even if it seems like basic or obvious information to you - because I really would like to umderstand what I'm playing for, including how many habitats can one own. If I'm limited to 8, then I don't see the point.

    Also, has anybody filled a special request or collected a set? It seems very difficult to me. If you can't keep all the fish you acquire, then even if you had come across one that filled a request or was part of the game, if you had sold it, you would have to buy it back at an exhorbitant price from the catalog or index. It seems the price usually outweighs the reward.
  3. adaaaam

    adaaaam Well-Known Member

    Well, I havent played that long, but think there are only eight habitats. I think the devs intended it to be like a virtual frog habitat in your pocket, where you can tame and collect frogs in a limited manner. Completists can approach the game like Pokemon, where completing the catalog becomes a goal (a long one at that, since you have to sell frogs to breed new ones). Achieving goals is another way to play it, which becomes easier the more youve cataloged. But the usual approach to achieving goals involves understanding how breeding works: a frog has 3 traits, color, pattern, species, so 2 frogs with completely different attributes can yield 8 possible kinds of offspring, and the more traits the parents share, the narrower the set of possible offspring.

    So you cant beat the game really, its all about how you want to play it, and all that matters is if you enjoy it or not. To be honest, I played it alot on my iPod offline, as I could play in short bursts it didnt drain battery, and it was strangely soothing. The Android version, with the forced inclusion of Mobage, which requires me to play online, makes it no longer as quickly accessible in short bursts, drains the battery more, and as a result, I dont play it anymore on my phone, which is a shame, because I would have loved to keep it on here
  4. droidros

    droidros Well-Known Member

    Thanks for your reply!
    I'm not sure whether I will continue this game much longer. I thought it was similar to Tapfish in which you collect and breed fish and can have up to 80 tanks that can hold 50 fish each (25 different ones). I guess the point here is to create specific sets of 8.... and that seems very difficult given the thousands of combinations, especially if you can only own 8 habitats. Also you can only catalog 100 frogs and I haven't been able to figure out how to choose which ones to catalog.
  5. greylady

    greylady New Member

    @Droidros.... I think it's too funny that you keep typing "fish" when I think you mean "frogs" in your posts :) lol

    Definately a TF addict, even when you're trying to concentrate on frogs! :) too cute!
  6. MacFett

    MacFett Well-Known Member

    I play(ed) pocket frogs on the iPhone and only just started on Android. On the iPhone I have 12 habitats IIRC.

    The "goal" is to have fun. There is a weekly set you get by breeding different combos and turn them in for potions and stamps. You can also do the acheivements as well as try and get your froggydex to 100%.

    Once you tame a frog you can race it. Different combos have higher speed and stamina. The higher the stamina the longer their happiness stays high, the higher their happiness the faster/more often the jump.

    If you get 1st place you can take a boat load of coins or one of the frogs you raced. 2nd place is a lot of coins, 3rd I think is just enough to cover your entry. I don't think 4th place gives a reward, but if it does it is just under the cost of entry and 5th place is nothing. You can give your frog a potion while in the race for a boost as well.
  7. brunozwa

    brunozwa New Member

    I thought it was similar to Tapfish
  8. chiran

    chiran Member

    Points and other factors also matters. See your score and points ....Search for points and then try to grab those...

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