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Newbie question - Active Sync only, no Google calendar - will this work?General

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  1. watson524

    watson524 Member

    Hi all,

    Here's my setup:
    Personal email (echoes.net domain pop3)
    Personal email (yahoo.com)
    Work email/calendar/notes/tasks/contacts on exchange server

    Work calendar serves as my personal calendar too (i.e. no separate google calendar)

    I had an iPhone 3G back in the day and active sync worked fine. Switched to a blackberry torch and used notify sync as active sync "fill in" because I didn't want work policies on my personal phone.

    I am now going to go to a Samsung Galaxy S3 hence back to active sync. I believe I'll have to get touchdown or something in order to get notes which is fine. I don't envision echoes.net and yahoo.com emails being an issue. My question is this, I don't use google calendar and contacts and don't want to. Will this present a problem? I just want the device calendar to be the work one (I flag items as personal when creating if need be which I understand touchdown can do).

    Will what I want to do be ok? I don't plan to root, at least not right away. Being new to Android, I don't want to screw something up right off the bat :)


  2. davidmanvell

    davidmanvell Well-Known Member

    Wont be a problem just don't use those calendars. Android is designed so you can change out parts of the system like calendars.
  3. watson524

    watson524 Member

    Thank you! I just noticed that the HTC One X+ is due out Friday so I had a momentary pause on getting the Galaxy S3 but the non removable battery freaks me out and while the processor upgrade is nice, I think I like the 2GB RAM better. In the end I'm sure either phone will do what I want.
  4. davidmanvell

    davidmanvell Well-Known Member

    Both are good phones. I really an enjoying the 2GB ram though. Would rather have that than a faster processor.

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