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NewBie Question for App Inventor

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  1. FlyboyJr

    FlyboyJr Active Member

    Just started playing with app inventor...

    I trying to build an app to open a website and login with a username and two passwords.


    Enter Username

    Enter Password1

    Enter Password2

    {Login Button}

    {Clear Information Button}

    This is a work website and I would like to be able to give this to fellow employees.

    Pressing the Login button loads the website and enters the information in the correct fields.

    I want the app to save the info.(username and passwords) and then if I clear the information the fields will be blank again.

    Of course this is my final goal, for the first part, but right now I can't even get the page to load and then just enter the username.

    Anyone have any suggestions? I have built password and text boxes and I have been able to get the website to load but I can't get the information to enter into the fields.


  2. scottfromscott

    scottfromscott New Member

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