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Newbie questions Note 10.1Support

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  1. Marcustandy

    Marcustandy Member


    Just got a Galaxy Note 10.1 & researching the process of migrating from my iPad. A few questions I could do with some help:

    1. I have somehow created 5 blank pages/screens but I only need a couple for now. How do I delete the unwanted ones?

    2. On the iPad I had a PDF editing app (PDF Expert) that I used often for work. Is there an equivalent, or better, for Android?

    3. Again, something I use a lot for work, iBooks. Is there an equivalent & am I going to be able to transfer my previous work?

    4. I've not been able to find a Santander banking app in the Play Store; I assume there isn't one available?

    5. Best suggestions for transferring (iPad to Android) music, documents, bookmarks, pictures, text messages, etc?

    I'm sure that there will be more questions to follow but the above are particularly pressing just now.


  2. Marcustandy

    Marcustandy Member

    Whoa!! Please tell me there is a Lovefilm app for Android??

    I reckon 50% of my iPad usage is on Love film when travelling or staying in hotels with work. Not good if I can no longer use my subscription because I've now got an Android tablet :-(
  3. Galaxy Tab2 47

    Galaxy Tab2 47 Well-Known Member

    I guess it's the reason I have both the Galaxy 10.1 notes and my iPad2&4.
  4. ComputerGranny

    ComputerGranny Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the forum.

    I use EZPdf Reader Pro to all my PDF needs & find it to be excellent. I'm sure there will be someone here in the forum who can answer your Ipad replacement questions.
  5. jonrud

    jonrud Well-Known Member

    Nope no lovefilms app yet they keep telling me they are still working on it!!:mad:
  6. sib0rg

    sib0rg Well-Known Member

    To delete the unwanted pages, pinch your fingers together on a main page. You will then have a preview of all pages. Hold and drag the unwanted pages to the delete icon up the top.
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  7. ScandaLeX

    ScandaLeX Wasn't Me

    In regards to Santander in lieu of a dedicated app they may have a mobile version of their website. I've seen a few banking apps not specific to Santander (that you culd use to access Santander) but I don't offer them up here; I ere on the side of caution since I don't know how reliable they are. I can only suggest Google or contact Santander.
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  8. Marcustandy

    Marcustandy Member

    Thanks for the feedback.

    Yes, Santander mobile app is the solution.

    I discovered (by accident) the finger-pinch to remove the extra pages (thanks anyway), LoveFilm - I'm appeasing myself as I can 'back-up' to my Note many films etc far easier than I ever could with that piece of rotten fruit thing I had!! I'll keep the LoveFilm subscription going (postal version) and just 'back-up' and return whatever comes through the door ;-)

    iBooks - it seems the above mentioned PDF app cover this also (thanks for that suggestion).

    Easy Sync has/will(?) sort my contacts & music transfer issues!

    Once again, thanks for all of the replies. I feel better (and less daunted) than day 1 of the Note :)

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