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  1. nevergoinhome

    nevergoinhome Member

    Ok, so im new to this but managed to root my phone and I think it would be cool to get custom ROMs and theme but in order to do this, my phone (droid x v2.2.1) needs to be deodexed, right? So my questions are these: can I even deodex now with 2.2.1 out? How hard would this be? Are there guides on this forum?

  2. cultldr

    cultldr Well-Known Member

    All the big dogs as far as Roms go do this for you so it is a non issue. I'm not sure of a Rom that doesn't do this for you now?
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  3. gmenfan83

    gmenfan83 Well-Known Member

    If your plan is to install a rom there is no need to deodex prior as the rom will deodex for you upon installation, if you don't want a rom but just want to theme or mod a little then you will have to manually deodex prior to doing that, here are some guides for you
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  4. nevergoinhome

    nevergoinhome Member

    Ah I see! That makes much more sense. I read that guide but misunderstood it cause im completely new to all this. Thank you both for answering!
  5. cultldr

    cultldr Well-Known Member

    Keep reading and keep asking questions, you'll be flashing stuff all over the place in no time.

    So much knowledge here and friendly people.

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