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  1. numptey69

    numptey69 New Member

    Hi all I'm new to android was with apple before.
    I own an HTC sensation which I brought from eBay , I wad told it was rooted but after downloading root checker I found it isn't.
    The details I know are it has s_off and clockworkmod v5 recovery installed at the top of boot its says revolutionary underneath it says hboot 127 and I discovered it has custom xe Rom installed on standard sensation. My gut instinct is to to flash the su signed zip via recovery to root but I'm scared ill lose all my data or worse case brick it. Please help me.

  2. breadnatty08

    breadnatty08 pain rustique VIP Member

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  3. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    First,I'd prolly check for the existance of superuser in your app drawer. If so,open it up and see what it has,or has not,given its permissions to. You should be able to change what things have root permissions.

    If this is a cm,or other AOSP based Rom,you may simply need to go to developer options and enable root access for apps and adb. Cm roms are by default,not rooted.

    If you look thru the "about phone" section,see if you can figure out what Rom,and what version,you're running. :)
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  4. DragonSlayer95

    DragonSlayer95 Resident Air Bender Moderator

    If it is rooted and you've got the superuser app, it may be as simple as enable superuser if it's disabled.

    Or maybe even updating the binaries.
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  5. numptey69

    numptey69 New Member

    Hi thanks for all the replies.
    I've never had superuser installed ,I downloaded superuser from clockworkmod off play store but failed to update binary.
    My software version is 3.33.401.153 if that helps.
    I've done some googling and can't figure out how revolutionary can't unlock 127 hboot but mine says revolutionary with hboot 127, is this where the old user has unlocked with revolutionary then updated hboot with new Rom.
    So as far as I can see my hboot is unlocked.....clockworkmod recovery is installed and working.
    I'm thinking the old user unlocked with revolutionary whilst on gingerbread flashed clockworkmod then flashed stock xe Rom but didn't actually root the phone.
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  6. numptey69

    numptey69 New Member

    Please help
  7. numptey69

    numptey69 New Member

    :D Very happy i took the leap with success.

    Last night I downloaded su 2.3.6 signed zip and flashed in cwm recovery. after 2 attempts it rooted but root checker stated it wasn't , so after installing for the 6 time I was a bit annoyed.

    I discovered the problem was root checker wasn't gaining root through superuser , my solution was to go into settings in superuser and change permissions from allow then back to prompt and success my phone is now rooted and I'm happy camper.

    No to freeze all the bloat ware that came with it.

    Thanks to all the peeps advice....
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  8. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    sorry for the late reply,glad you are sorted. i personally prefer superSU to the standard superuser,but thats a personal preference. just holler if you have any more questions :)

    as you have found,simply installing the app from the play store does not install the matching binary,the only way to install super user app and binaries is to flash in recovery :)

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