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  1. rover7577

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    When I'm at work there are some unsecured WIFI networks that I can connect to.

    • Is there a way, to program the phone to NOT even list any "secure" WIFI connections it finds, ones that require a password?

    Also, I have a preferred unsecured WIFI site that I would want the phone to connect to first.
    • Is there a way to have the phone honor my preference?

    And, finally, on the WIFI settings screen, under "Network Notification", it states "Provide available AP list when launching apps, but not connecting to network."

    • What is an "AP list" ?


    KA24DERACER Well-Known Member

    1 - Unfortunately no

    2 - The only thing you can do is select "forget network" to any of the ones you dont want to connect to. This will keep it from connecting to them. Other than that it will simply connect to them on its own unless you connect to the one you want manually

    3 - it means access point. It basically means if there are network connections available that you havent selected to use when you launch an app that uses data it will list available networks to connect to.
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  3. rover7577

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    Thank You :)
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