Newbie with a rooting question??

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  1. Rafael

    Rafael Well-Known Member

    I don't recall mentioning that. Am I mistaken?
    I never use speed dials.

    See my original post for the only fix I have used.

  2. Oregon2

    Oregon2 Well-Known Member

    First off I had a typo on the percent of battery I had left the other day. It was 51%, not 61%. After removing the DRM, PVM, PVW my battery last even longer. I played with it a lot more today and used Slacker Radio a lot and Words with friends plus more and 9-1/2 hours later it still has 66%.

    I went to sleep with it fully charged and it only went down to 98%. When at stock it was draining from fully charged at night to low 70's in the morning. lol now that's what I talking about.

    Got it you made a Direct-Dial Shortcut. I had made it Direct-Contact Shortcut so I had to touch it and then touch dial. Oops my bad.

    Thanks for letting me know not to get rid of the other stuff.

    I did get rid of Live Wallpaper Picker and Xt9 because I just use the free Gingerbread Keyboard because it has a microphone button for voice input after you download Google Voice. It works great for texting. Really fast and accurate compared to other phones/programs I have used in the past.
  3. ni6hthawk

    ni6hthawk Member

    Hey Rafael/Oregon2, I followed pretty much everything you and other Commando owners posted. I left a few things in.

    But guys what we really need is custom firmware. We need to petition CyanogenMod to create a ROM for the Commando. I personally have no problem supporting the development of the commando. Just as I supported Darkalex on his PSP mods. I luv this phone... lets make it kick-azz! Custom firmware is the answer. There are some unique security features that make the Commando less desirable to work on, as I understand it, so lets bug the Dev guys! There's always a way.
  4. Oregon2

    Oregon2 Well-Known Member

    Hey nighthawk where did you find more info that other people listed? I would like to see that as well. Please post a link if possible.

    Honestly I have no idea what else you are talking about with custom Roms and stuff because this is my first smart phone and I don't really know about programming things. I just had to read a few sites to find out how to root using Superone Click and Titainium Backup. Then I found this site while looking on Google and have followed mostly in Rafael's steps. If you find out anything else on possibly getting a new Rom or need our help in requesting to get one just let us know where to post or ask for one. The more people we get to help make the phone perform at its best, the better.
  5. Rafael

    Rafael Well-Known Member

    A custom ROM would be great....but this phone is not popular enough to attract the attention of those bright enough to accomlish it.

    A "custom ROM" would mean that a programmer pulls apart the current operating system and removes those things no one wants. Often the programmer will add desireable features. This new ROM would be loaded into the phone by Root users providing a quick way of getting rid of unwanted feature and adding popular features.

    I would like to have one.....but I doubt we will find anyone willing to put in the time for a fairly obscure phone.

    I am an idiot when pitted against the people working on mods for these phones. This phones lack of customer base affords anyone with even minor knowledge of it, like me, to be deemed "somewhat knowledgable". But then, it makes such a person the equivalent to the fastest kid in the 100 yard dash at the Special Olympics. No offense intended towards anyone but myself. :)

    Titanium Backup is a great tool! It makes it easy to put thinkgs back if you make a mistake or remove something that is needed.
    I never knew of it when I had my original Droid. Wish I had.
    I also use Root Explorer for making changes to the file system.
  6. ni6hthawk

    ni6hthawk Member

    I think the commando is gathering a following but would have to admit... your right its not mainstream enough. But maybe we can spread a terrible rumor that Casio says that the Commando's firmware is un-hackable... get some motivated Dev ninja to make commando sushi!

    Oregon2, I can compile my links and PM them to you. I googled all of them.
    Mostly XDA and Androidforums.

    I would really be happy if I could replace that awefull GzOne boot screen/Verizon trademark.
  7. rjglenn

    rjglenn Well-Known Member

    The issue with a custom ROM is it would be dangerous. Here are the issues:

    First there is no known button press combination to force the phone to boot into recovery cold. You can only boot into recovery by sending the reboot recovery command from the terminal emulator.

    Second when the phone is booted into recovery there is no "enter" key to perform functions.

    If there were any problems with the ROM or the phone we would not be able to reboot to recovery and restore from a nandroid or backup. One little slip and the phone would be a paperweight.

    Since this is not a real popular phone there really isn't much interest from the high profile devolpers to develop workarounds for these issues. Personally I am quite satisfied with the phone as is, but it would be cool to run a cyanogen mod on the phone because I like how configurable that is.
  8. ni6hthawk

    ni6hthawk Member

    Not good for the home team....
  9. Rafael

    Rafael Well-Known Member

    Agreed with all of the above.

    Still, I am thankful for all here who have helped me extend my knowledge.

    As to the bootscreen....after you remove enough bloatware, the Verizon screen never shows again.....the boot sequence is complete by the time the Casio sequence ends. It no longer shows on my phone or on Oregon2's phone.
  10. Oregon2

    Oregon2 Well-Known Member

    Ya no Verizon logo. And I'm not quite sure what changed since I last timed my boot time, but now it is consistantly under 30 seconds.

    I know I forced everything to sd card besides:
    All system processes
    GO Launcher EX
    Gingerbread keyboard
    Titanium Backup PRO

    Rafael how much System ROM and Internal memory does the opening page of Titanium Backup tell you that you have

    Mine says 151 MB of ROM free and 267 MB of internal memory free
  11. Oregon2

    Oregon2 Well-Known Member

    Was thinking its from getting rid of the stock browser, stock email, and stock keyboard. Plus no longer having any widgets open except Power Control and Flashlight, but that's just a guess at why it got faster.

    Rafael, I know you like the stock browser and email but you might wanna try Dolphin HD and use Gmail to try and increase battery life. You can always go back! I was reading that the stock Email actually wastes quite a bit more battery than gmail, because of how the notifications are received/sent. Supposedly no matter how long you set the notification interval it still keeps wanting to receive data anyways.
  12. Rafael

    Rafael Well-Known Member

    30 seconds? That is pretty fast! Good work.
    My Rom is at 152mb and internal at 263mb.
    Our configs are not identical and I have some different Market apps loaded, so I don't expect these to be the same.

    Also, I leave all my apps in internal mem.
    Is there really a good reason to move them to SD?
    I like that I can change the card and all my apps remain.
  13. Rafael

    Rafael Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I run flashlight widget, stock KB, Power Control widget. Add to that the news/weather widget, and Touchdown widgets and my phone is working pretty hard when idle.

    Never thought GMail would be more effecient than stock E-Mail.
    I may give that a whirl. Thanks for the tip.

    One reason I would have for switching browsers is to get rid of those two permananet links Verizon put in the stock browser. I wish they would stop trying to lock in crap like that.
  14. Rafael

    Rafael Well-Known Member

    I don't see how I can use GMail for anything other than a GMail account.
    Am I missign something?

    I use the E-Mail app for both my GMail and my ISP EMail accounts.
  15. Rafael

    Rafael Well-Known Member

    Scratch that.
    I just ran my first "Dalvik cache" cleanup in Titanium Pro.
    My Rom is at 152mb and internal is now at 294mb!
  16. Oregon2

    Oregon2 Well-Known Member

    Nope just Gmail, my bad didn't realize you checked other emails. I just transferred all my contacts to Gmail and and have switched all things to that email as well to keep things in one email account. I like simple and quick plus that's what I thought the whole android thing was all about. No need for the backup assistant anymore. I know you had already gotten rid of it but i hadn't and importing my contacts to gmail gives me the backup I need.

    I uninstalled both the car modes now as well. I have a list of other things that i would like to uninstall as well. I have had these frozen for a while now with no problems.

    Voice Dialer (don't use it plus it works like crap)
    TTS Service (don't care to have a robot woman read to me)
    Talk 1.3
    Pico TTS 1.0
    InnoPath ActiveCare 1.0 (I know you've uninstalled it but what does it do, and do we have to update if something new comes out. I'd rather just keep mine how it is instead of updating.)

    I don't know if it helps a ton moving them to sd. It just frees up more internal memory.
  17. Oregon2

    Oregon2 Well-Known Member

    Actually now my Gzone video doesn't even barely appear. Its the loading screen and then a quick flash of the video with like two beats of the sound and then BAM!! unlock screen. I've almost got it gone yah.
  18. Oregon2

    Oregon2 Well-Known Member

    Dang just read your post on the Dalvik Cache and cleaned mine up. Wow now my ROM is 155MB and memory is 315MB. Guess we gotta do that every once in a while!!
  19. Rafael

    Rafael Well-Known Member

    InnopathActivecare is the program used to check for and deliver phone OS updates. You will not get updates without it.....the updates on this phone, as I understand it, were farmed out to Innopath instead of coming directly from Verizon. I left it removed, and will re-install if an update actually comes sure I will read about it here.

    I seriously doubt updates will be often with this obscure device.

    I think you will find that removing Talk will cause some problems.
    I don;t recall the exact problems, but I had to rreinstall in after removing it on my Droid-1......some Google-apps stopped working I think.
    Give it a can't hurt anything to try.

    I dumped the car modes as well.

    I don't understand why your boot speed is so greatly improved.
    Our setups are fairly similar.
  20. Rafael

    Rafael Well-Known Member

    You gotta love Titanium Pro.
  21. Rafael

    Rafael Well-Known Member

    Anyone got the guts to delete the Bootanimation file to see if it bricks the phone or not? :)

    I took the lead and deleted the boot audio file.........the long boot worried me a bit, but it all worked out. :)
  22. Oregon2

    Oregon2 Well-Known Member

    I think it may be because I have forced almost all apps to sd. So it doesn't have to start them during the boot process. Not positive but maybe
  23. Oregon2

    Oregon2 Well-Known Member

    lol I dont even know how you got rid of the sound file, so I guess I'm out. It involves a computer and files and commands and I get lost on my computer just using it normally. Sorry but I'm stuck with just using a simple thing like Titanium Backup because its so easy to use and understand. If you find a way I'm gonna need you to hold my hand and walk me through it with baby steps. haha
  24. Rafael

    Rafael Well-Known Member

    That can be done with a Market app called "Root Explorer". It is a file manager.

    The only things I have done on the PC are Rooting, as we all have, and the creation of that silent audio file I made. I replaced the sound file using Root Explorer. Everything else I have done was accomplished within the phone.
  25. Oregon2

    Oregon2 Well-Known Member

    oh crap i froze the Dialer and the program below it and my phone keeps saying force close so i cant get to Titanium Backup to unfreeze it. how do i get to titanium backup to unfreeze that. my phone still restarts and turns on i just cant get to titanium backup up. it there a way to access it from my computer if i plug it in. help please

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