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  1. BarbInMemphis

    BarbInMemphis Member

    I'm new here as well as to the SmartPhone & Android world so I have several questions.
    What does "root" mean? I see a topic of "All About Root".
    Can my contacts be on speed dial with the Ascend II? If so, how do I set it up?
    Can any of the icons be deleted? I'm assuming they take up battery power or memory.


  2. BarbInMemphis

    BarbInMemphis Member

    One more, is it possible to use a stylus with this phone? I find it hard to hit the right keys using my finger.
  3. moonbeaver77

    moonbeaver77 Member

    "Rooting" the phone is gaining access to the operating system of the phone itself. One of the benefits is being able to use apps that require "root" or "superuser" privileges that enable them to tweak or communicate with the OS in order to function, but in a way that the manufacturer or your cell provider didn't necessarily intend. Sorta like giving a mechanic access to your engine and modifying it to give it more horsepower. There's some really cool stuff you can do with a rooted phone that you otherwise cannot with one out of the box. The cons are that 1) It will void all warranties as soon as you root it and 2) You can really screw things up if you don't know what you're doing. (I've been reading a lot and learning as I go and have definitely paid for my mistakes along the way, so be careful.)

    As far as the 2nd question is concerned: Assuming there's room for a widget on the screen you intend to put a "speed dial". Press and hold the screen and a window will open with "Select action" menu. Choose "Add shortcut", then scroll down and select "Direct dial", choose your contact and voila! You've created a shortcut or "speed dial" for that contact on your home screen! Here's my disclaimer, though... I'm doing this with a rooted phone and never tried to do that before it was rooted, so my apologies if it doesn't work. Hope this helps :)

    To delete an icon press and hold it and a little trash can icon appears at the bottom right corner. Drag and drop it there and it will be deleted.

    Good luck!
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  4. moonbeaver77

    moonbeaver77 Member

    No, touch screens are designed to respond to the touch of your finger and inanimate objects won't work. At least that I know of. Have you tried using the 'Swype' function? you can set it to have a high error tolerance. That might be easier for you than tapping the keys.
  5. BarbInMemphis

    BarbInMemphis Member

    The direct dial worked. Not sure I'm going to try the rooting thing though. Thank you very much.
    I thought that since I wasn't getting any responses that either this wasn't a popular forum or that I'd posted in the wrong area - General vs Support. How do I delete the one I put on the Support area?
    Thanks again for the info - I'd gotten very spoiled to speed/direct dial.
  6. BarbInMemphis

    BarbInMemphis Member

    I've tried the Swype method but I suppose it takes practice. May have to cut the fingernails though :)

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