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Newcomer needs help with Text Entry in jbSupport

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  1. Alejandroid11

    Alejandroid11 New Member

    Hello all. I've recently upgraded my Galaxy Note 10.1 to JellyBean and i must say, I'm loving the changes to multiscreen, and I'm enjoying more opportunities to use handwritting-to text. However, I'm having trouble figuring out how to go back to the standard keyboard when the I'm automatically given the note pad(for lack of a better term) for text entry. And sometimes I'm given the standard keyboard (for example, i'm typing this post with the keyboard, but i had to use the note pad when entering a username for this site during registry) Is there a way for me to switch back and forth between the two? :confused: thanks in advance!

  2. RonJohnson4164

    RonJohnson4164 Active Member

    On the bottom left on keyboard next to numbers setting is where you change it when on keyboard. Long press the icon and you will see 3 choices--a gear, mike, and a T with a pen. Choose. When in handwriting mode you will see the icon again next to the numbers choice. Long press and choose the icon that looks like a keyboard.
  3. Alejandroid11

    Alejandroid11 New Member

    I See. The answer was right in front Of my face! X.X Thanks alot!
  4. Jaciee37

    Jaciee37 New Member

    omg you saved my school day tommorrow!!! thanks!!! i've been searching for HOURS how to fix this!!!!

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