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  1. kil4thril

    kil4thril Active Member

    My original phone (working great on CM7 and CM9), wouldn't charge. Neither would my wife's. 2 phones sent. Her's restored with CM7 and works great. Mine, rebooted, over and again. A fresh flash of 7 or 9 resulted in reboots, some random, but EVERY time there was a call, in or out. I sent that one back, was promised a Class A (actual new phone), got another refurb. SAME EXACT ISSUE. I am using it now, and the only ROM I can get to work without rebooting is the SHARP 2.2.2. I've sent a scathing message about the quality of the phones demanding a new or different phone (probably won't matter). My question is, has the hardware changed such that custom ROMS become a problem? My first one was flashed back and forth a few dozen times. These new ones don't hardly work at all. Even on the Sharp ROM, it's slow as molasses. I can type entire sentences in texts and have to wait for the screen to catch up. It's frustrating. It also pauses a LOT.

    I'm frustrated and confused, and REALLY desiring a new phone. That Nexus 4 or a Note 2 on TMobile are looking divine.:mad:

  2. chilz

    chilz Well-Known Member

    i have a newer moto triumph 12/11 date and havent had any problems ur just getting bad luck call VM tell them to ransfer u to tech support once on tech ask for superviser tell them the phone charging port is bad and u bought a new charger so thats not it then tell them u know federal law states phone calls are recorded and if needed reveiwed then POP the big question so u grab them bye the balls tell them u want a 12/11 class a replacement after its all agreed apon before u hang up verify with them again about it being a class a so that way if needed u had them repeat 3 times your getting a new class a phone if u get a refurb they will send another one and give u free service

    ps shhhh
  3. rdoac

    rdoac Well-Known Member

    It's not your SD Card is it? I had similar behaviour when I upgraded my SD to a 32gb Sandisk thing. It's settled down a bit now, but I keep a regular backup of it and can reformat it on a whim..
  4. kil4thril

    kil4thril Active Member

    I tried that based on what a guy at work said. No dice. I've been using this 16gb class 10 Samsung since the beginning, and I tried 2 different Class 4's with the same result.

    It's really, really odd.:confused:
  5. OverByter

    OverByter Resident Slide Rule Guru

    The problem is that Virgin is only required to supply class a replacements within the first 30 days, basically your doing an exchange as opposed to a warranty replacement anything after that and you have to have a good rap and an understanding csr. :rolleyes:
  6. rebel69ization

    rebel69ization Well-Known Member

    The first triumph I bought on eBay used. After 1 month it quit reading the SD card. I called virgin, they sent me a brand new one in the box. I got to keep everything, back cover, battery etc. So now I have spare batt , cover, and charger, I think I got a pretty sweet deal.
  7. OverByter

    OverByter Resident Slide Rule Guru

    They always tell you to keep all the accessories, it lowers the shipping and I don't think that you're allowed to send Li-ion batteries through the mail, every time I've gotten a replacement battery it always came FedEx or ups.
  8. Coping

    Coping Member

    I just received a free replacement from virgin mobile for my daughter's triumph that stopped receiving texts. As usual, the CSR had a heavy accent and was hard to understand, but I think she said she would send out a refurb replacement. The phone I received looked new, but who knows?

    Refurbed or new, it loaded the latest CWM from Brandon and the 12-28 version of CM7 just fine.
  9. jtepsic

    jtepsic Member

    I'm having the same exact problem. Charging port went bad for the second time, got my replacement, put on miui 2.4, phone calls were instant reboot, potential bootloop, tried cm9, phone calls instant reboot, cm7 is the same thing. My other two phones were fine but this one is killing me. I will try sharp for now although i'm so used to the other roms that I dont exactly enjoy sharp. So everyone is recommending saying that the charging port is faulty and to try and get another replacement? Just got this guy in the mail on friday.
  10. OverByter

    OverByter Resident Slide Rule Guru

    Yeah, they'll send another one right away, I always pick the best of the litter, when I was going through all of my camera issues a year ago I actually had 4 class a replacements sitting on my desk at the same time. :rolleyes:
  11. jtepsic

    jtepsic Member

    Still getting random reboots with sharp. Looks like i'll be calling vm tomorrow before work ughh.
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  12. gogomouse1

    gogomouse1 Well-Known Member

    I just got off the phone with VM. with only three weeks left on my warranty, they won't give me a Class A replacement- and the replacement only comes with a 90 day warranty, which sucks, because we all know the charging port will eventually go bad.

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