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News and Weater Widget

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  1. lewisb13

    lewisb13 Active Member

    What are yall using for your news AND weather widget now that it has been whiped out by the update?

  2. Despotes

    Despotes Active Member

    I lost my weather too.
    I'm trying to download Accuweather for Android, but having some issues.

    Accuweather app is working now. It's free.
  3. lewisb13

    lewisb13 Active Member

    The little widget in Froyo had news AND weather. So now I can get news or weather, but not both. Aggrivating.
  4. w53cig

    w53cig Active Member

    x2. I'd love to find a good News/Weather widget like the one I had on my OG Droid

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