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  1. russfink

    russfink New Member

    I recently upgraded from a Moto Droid 1 (the original) to a Moto Droid 4, and I love everything about the new system except the news reader.

    On my Droid 1, there was a news and weather app. The news app pulled all the main sections from and organized them by tabs: world, US, sports, health, and you could put in custom search terms, e.g., "costa concordia". Anything had to offer, it would send it to this app.

    On the Droid 4, the app asks you for various feeds, e.g., Washington Post, and you get whatever stories they send you, but they're all bundled in the "Washington Post" folder, all jumbled together.

    This is a terrible change for me. I'm looking for something like I had on Droid 1.

    In particular, I need the custom news search feature, "costa concordia," because I like to look by topic, not by news outlet. Going from Droid 1 to Droid 4, it's like they went from the Google model of "just return everything" to the old Yahoo model of "we hand pick stuff for you."

    Can anyone recommend something? I tried NewsRob, but that's not what I want - I want stories matching a topic from multiple feed sources, rather than all stories pushed by a single feed source. (Also, how do I watch this thread for replies?) Thanks for your time - Russ

  2. russfink

    russfink New Member

    Bump, does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks - Russ
  3. AlphaWolf03

    AlphaWolf03 Well-Known Member

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