Newsmy T3 7" Tablet cracked screen

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  1. ribamar23

    ribamar23 Member

    about a month ago I bought on Ebay a Newsmy T3 tablet

    It is quite good, but today i just dropped it and the screen is now cracked. The thing is touchscreen is not working no more. I've seen phones and tablets with cracked screen still working the touch, so why is not mine working?

    I saw a replacement on ebay:

    cgi.ebay. com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=221077179591&ssPageName=ADME:X:AAQ:US:1123

    but I only need the digitizer or also I need the screen seperate? Or is the screen and digitizer the same thing?

    best regards

  2. acegeezer

    acegeezer Member

  3. ribamar23

    ribamar23 Member

  4. acegeezer

    acegeezer Member

    Well it reads as tho' it does..

    Newsmy T3 Tablet PC Screen is for special for Newsmy T3 Tablet PC.
    Tablet PC Screens are very easily being broken,your Newsmy T3 Tablet PC Screen can be destroied when drop down from the table,and a crash or heavily press can crack your Newsmy T3 Tablet PC Screen too.
    This Newsmy T3 Tablet PC Screen replacement can fit your Newsmy T3 Tablet PC completely.For sure this repairing Newsmy T3 Tablet PC Screen can solve the problem of broken Newsmy T3 Tablet PC Screen.

    Ask the seller to confirm, I'm not sure my friend.
  5. ribamar23

    ribamar23 Member

    It must be, I can't find anywhere the separate glass...
  6. ribamar23

    ribamar23 Member

    I got this from seller:

    Dear customer,
    it is just a touch screen not LCD screen.thank you!

    so.... where can I get the LCD screen???
  7. ribamar23

    ribamar23 Member

    If I replace touch screen and if I don't put any lcd screen, will touch screen will show image on it? Cause if it show I just lose the screen protection right?
  8. mikedt

    mikedt 你好 Guide

    I have to ask...Seriously, is it actually worth trying to repair a rather basic $50-$60 Chinese tablet?

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