Next 4g phone for Metro?

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  1. Matticusnicholas

    Matticusnicholas Active Member

    Has there been any word as to what the next 4g phone will be for Metro? Anything at all?

  2. Aplus

    Aplus Well-Known Member

    Supposedly, It's going to be the Samsung Chief SCH-R920.
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  3. AndroidxGuy

    AndroidxGuy Well-Known Member

    I'm wondering if one of the samsung nexus phones will work on metros network with 4G. That would be pretty friggin sweet!
  4. Matticusnicholas

    Matticusnicholas Active Member

    Any leaked info?
  5. starxpilot

    starxpilot Well-Known Member

    I'm not aware of a new Samsung Phone 4G on Metro, but a LG one came out recently.
  6. AndroidxGuy

    AndroidxGuy Well-Known Member

    The sign up page for the galaxy nexus has metro pcs as one of the carrier choices for you to pick for your notification when it's available. Not sure if that means metro will get it but the small print says the global version is pictured.
  7. hYpHyPuRpLe

    hYpHyPuRpLe Well-Known Member

    does anyone have any leaked info on the Samsung chief?
  8. Aplus

    Aplus Well-Known Member

    It's supposed to be almost identical to the Sprint Conquer 4g.
  9. djjuls305

    djjuls305 Member

    which sucks
  10. nycnyc

    nycnyc Well-Known Member

    Here's a link to the leaked photo of the Cheif:Samsung Conquer Coming to MetroPCS with LTE (Image)

    There's also a few others that are going to be released in the first quarter. Its frequently discussed on howardforums where there are a few employees that are generous enough to provide us with info on upcoming phones.
  11. Pappy62

    Pappy62 Well-Known Member

    It's specs/features blows the Optimus M out of the water, that's for sure... 'sucks' or not - it's another good option for Metro users that don't want to fork out the big cash for an Esteem... hopefully it will see root/recovery and a custom ROM soon after it comes out of the gate... but for now, I'm very happy with my Esteem - that is, until CM9 comes out for it. lol
  12. ShinySide

    ShinySide Disabled

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