Next Phone After Captivate?

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  1. au1999

    au1999 Member

    Well I dropped my Captivate and the screen broke. Fortunately it still works fine (as far as I can tell), but I am due an upgrade at the end of the month. So, I have been looking around at what my next phone should be. It almost surely will be with AT&T unless there is really no good choice (family plan and wife's business with AT&T).

    What has/will everyone here move on to next?

    I will say if my Captivate's GPS would work and I didn't have any unexpected lock-ups, my Captivate is the perfect phone. I don't need anything to run videos faster or in HD, so I don't necessarily need something that is the latest, high end device.

    I stopped by the AT&T store, and the Galaxy S2 obviously just seems like my current Captivate. Nothing earth shattering. I wasn't blown away at the difference in speed or performance (at least from playing with it for 3 minutes in the store). After my issues with the Captivate's GPS, sporadic lagging, and unexplained lock-ups, I'm hesitant that the S2 will be more of the same. Can anyone confirm if the GPS is much improved, and if the phone is a good upgrade?

    I also looked at the Skyrocket. I wasn't as turned off by the larger screens of this or the other phones as I thought I would be. I don't have LTE in my area now (or probably in the foreseeable future) so this isn't too appealing to me. Any other reason to consider the Skyrocket. Besides LTE and bigger screen, is it that much better than the S2?

    I looked at the LG Nitro. Liked it the least as far as the user interface. I tried the GPS (albeit in the store) and it got hung up on the Locating screen and couldn't go anywhere from there. Anyone have anything good about this one?

    The one I liked the most from the short interaction was the HTC Vivid. Maybe it was the cool HTC widgets, and the fact that the GPS locked on in under 5 seconds inside the store. I walked out wanting that one, until I read some of the reviews. It looks like the battery life is pretty pitiful. The Captivate's is about my lower limit as far as holding a charge (I would prefer a longer battery, of course). Looks like the S2 has the leg up on this one for that reason alone.

    So, after my rumblings, I am curious as to what everyone else will do when their Captivate's retired.

    Is there anything on the horizon that I should hold out for (HTC One?).

  2. fldude99

    fldude99 Well-Known Member

    If you liked the captivate, you'll love the SGS2. It's everything the captivate should have been and more. A great device...
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  3. au1999

    au1999 Member

    Thanks for the feedback. Can you (or anyone else) comment on the improvement of the GPS? Also, reading the reviews for the GS2 forum, the battery life after the upgrade concerns me as well. The initial review of the GS2 and the good battery life was a positive selling point for me.
  4. thaseus

    thaseus Member


    Try this to fix your GPS. I now get a lock in 10seconds indoors at a 10meter accuracy.

    From the phone dialer enter the SSD code of *#*#3214789650#*#* to enter LBSTestMode.


    Choose Settings>SUPL Settings


    Change Server FQDN Type from "Custom Config" to "Auto Config" & change SUPL Secure Socket to "Off"
    Hit back capacitive button and choose "General Settings"


    Change Operation Mode to "MS Assisted" Change GPS Logging to "OFF" & Change Accuracy to "30"

    Using Tracking Test INSIDE MY OFFICE I get the following results.

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  5. au1999

    au1999 Member

    Thanks thaseus for the GPS tip. It seems to work better. I'll try it out on a trip this afternoon.

    The only hesitation I have with the SG2 is that I've not been to impressed with the "bugginess" of that Captivate. Locks up, can't find a signal sometimes, GPS, won't come out of sleep mode. . . just little stuff here and there. I was wondering if the HTC or LG work any better? That's the one thing I like about the iPhone, it just works.
  6. JNKS

    JNKS Member

    I can assure you that the GPS in the GS2 is phenomenal. I went through 3 Captivates from ATT and was not impressed with the GPS in any of them. The GS2 alleviates all of the tracking and lock on issues. It locks fast, much faster than my Garmin standalone GPS, even while moving at speed. If you thought the Captivate was almost the perfect phone, the GS2 absolutely is.
  7. Sharingan 19

    Sharingan 19 New Member

    I'm in a similar situation, except I am/was far less impressed w/ the Captivate. It's buggy, laggy, and the battery life is barely tollerable. Aditionally the build quality is not impressive especially the power cord port, speaker and audio jack.

    Admitadly it was great for the first few months, but after AT&T rolled out an update the phone turned into a hunk of junk.

    Unless the SG2 is a 100% improvement I wouldn't personally consider it.
  8. au1999

    au1999 Member

    What are you considering? I will probably get a new phone here in the next 2 - 3 weeks. I'm looking between SG2 (or Skyrocket) and HTC Vivid.

  9. Android26

    Android26 Well-Known Member

    Normally, I'd recommend you hold out a little while longer to upgrade because February through May is generally the dead period in between phone generations.

    However, you seem to be less intrigued by high end specs and therefore probably don't need to wait. In that case, I'd personally recommend the smooth transition to a SGS2. Having read your post, the Galaxy S2 seems to be everything you're looking for. Plus, if you shop around you can get a really good deal on them now.
  10. El Niche

    El Niche Well-Known Member

    I'm in the exact same position as you. I really liked the SGS2 . For what it seems you need it I would def go with the SGS2, most of my friends have it and it is a snappier than the cappy and the GPS seems to work much much better. In my opinion it is one of the best phones in ATT now. The skyrocket is good (but I dont have LTE in my city now) .
    I would have gone with SGS2 but new phones are supposed to be around the corner (HTC X One and the mythological SGS3). I decided to flash ICS on my cappy (very smooth) to hold me out a few months.... Good luck tho. You cant go wrong w the SGS2

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