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  1. gigavic27

    gigavic27 Well-Known Member

    I am almost of my contract and I am really wandering what my next phone should be. I love android but windows phone is looking really good and iphone looks good too. I don't need an uber good phone just a dual core phone that has a nice looking screen and can last a day with its battery life. Any ideas?

  2. neo_the_one

    neo_the_one Well-Known Member

    Wat bout sgsII
  3. gigavic27

    gigavic27 Well-Known Member

    Is it any good on o2? Also are there any phones that come with ice cream sandwich pre loaded? I know that it is does have it now but because it was an update it won't be tailored to that device like it is for the galaxy nexus.
  4. neo_the_one

    neo_the_one Well-Known Member

    No problems with sgsII. Does everything! :D
  5. gigavic27

    gigavic27 Well-Known Member

    HTC one x or wait for them to announce Samsung galaxy s3?
  6. helen_c

    helen_c Member


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