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  1. Saxön

    Saxön Well-Known Member

    Apparently the stock com.nextradioapp.nextradio.apk (632kb)
    on the phone is just a link to download the actual install apk.

    I'm having play store issues and was hoping that someone that has already used NextRadio could post a link so i could download the actual install com.nextradioapp.nextradio.apk for the Boost LS740 that should be around 5~6mb I believe.

    It would be greatly appreciated & thanks in advance.

  2. Gendo420

    Gendo420 Well-Known Member

  3. Saxön

    Saxön Well-Known Member

  4. clonedr

    clonedr Member

    Why does next radio require something plugged into the headphone jack (antenna purposes ) which does not allow u to listen through your speaker's?
  5. Saxön

    Saxön Well-Known Member

    It does work through the speaker, but requires the ear phones or 3.5mm audio jumper for an antenna to pick up the stations as it is over-the-air and not streaming radio.

    The speaker option is in the menu of the app.

    Hope this helps :)

    -=Thanks are always appreciated and Happy Modding=-
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