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Nexus 10 delivery time UKGeneral

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  1. davewood44

    davewood44 Well-Known Member


    Ordered a nexus 10 32gb this morning with a 2-3 week delivery time.

    Got a shipping email at 11.30pm tonight!

    So, if your waiting for shipping estimates to come down before ordering just do it! Shocked!!!!! :)

  2. me too

    me too Member

    Doh - the tracking webpage defaults to consignment number, which showed no info. So I tried selecting Reference number! Result - the website now tells me that the package left the depot at 07:47 this morning - 30-40 miles away. Could be here any minute now!!

    Oh well - it'll stop me leaning on the software update button on my HTC One X
  3. davewood44

    davewood44 Well-Known Member

    Neither works for me?
  4. davewood44

    davewood44 Well-Known Member

    Tried on the main pc......out for delivery! So from 2-3 weeks for delivery to NEXT DAY delivery!

    Now for a nexus 4 when they come back in stock!
  5. davewood44

    davewood44 Well-Known Member

    Well, its here! (Less than 38 hours from ordering!)

    First impression of hardware is very good, prefer it to my iPad 4. Love the soft feel back.

    First impression of the software is.......underwhelming to be honest, adequate I suppose, not meeting the quality of the fantastic hardware.

    the screen is out of this world however, but the auto brightness is terrible, far too dark.

    As for speed, seems fine but the stock browser is average, nothing compared to safari on the iPad.

    Will I be keeping it? Oh yes, I feel the software will only improve with time. :D
  6. Atma

    Atma Well-Known Member

    I definitely recommend another browser. If you want flash, I'm not sure it works with anything but boat browser and Boat is pretty fast. Dolphin is a good one too, but I haven't tried it with flash.
  7. kristalsoldier

    kristalsoldier Well-Known Member

    I got mine too...just like the OP mentioned. I got a 16 GB and 32 GB .... one for me another for my partner!
  8. davewood44

    davewood44 Well-Known Member

    Hmmmmm, well day 2 of owning, it's crashed 2 times....frozen numerous times and video playback in Netflix stutters.......

    Now, my ipad 4 has never done any of that?

    Just not sure......still, I have 15 days to really decide, my first impression was great.....but the software is just getting really annoying.

    I said earlier "will I keep It..... Hell yeah" But now...........

    Update -

    Well, factory reset and a full charge later it is working like a dream 1 hour in. I think i will leave it until monday to decide what to do. If i get no more crashes i may just fall in love?
  9. isdoo

    isdoo Active Member

    Flash works fine with Firefox
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