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    Mar 17, 2010
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    This one somehow escaped my notice so I wanted to confirm. I was also surprised a search on "USB OTG" in this forum produced no hits.

    I'm getting the impression from around the internet that the Nexus 4 does *not* have USB OTG capability (at least, unrooted). Can I get some firm answers on this, both for unrooted and rooted?

    It's not a big deal when considering what a wonderful phone this is, but I am now a bit spoiled by my Nexus 7 and I think when I was considering the Nexus 4 before I thought it had it.

    I probably wouldn't eliminate considering any phone for lack of USB OTG, but I certainly want to know. Right now, my Nexus 7 with my Nexus One (which is just a phone now) is such a nice combo that I can afford to be picky and I don't have to be in a hurry. ;)

    I suspect I will end up with an N4 in the future, but I could also see myself waiting for May to see what's coming down the pike. However, I can't see myself getting anything other than a Nexus. ;)

  2. steslatt

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    Jul 20, 2010
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    From what I've read the N4 can't supply the 5v needed for OTG however I believe there is a way to make it work with a custom kernel and an external power source.
  3. ritchea

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    Nov 2, 2010
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