Nexus 4 back on sale at 1200 PST US Only.General

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  1. Hook

    Hook Ever since DU... ;-) VIP Member

    Just got an email from Google play. Wonder how long this batch will last? :rolleyes:

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  2. hstroph

    hstroph Well-Known Member

    06:21 PST email:

    "Nexus 4 will be available for purchase later today! Order yours from Google Play starting today, November 27 at 12:00 noon PST (U.S. only)."
  3. rpmouton

    rpmouton New Member

    Per my email from Google:

    Nexus 4 will be available for purchase later today!
    Order yours from Google Play starting today, November 27 at 12:00 noon PST (U.S. only).
  4. iowabowtech

    iowabowtech root@android:/ #

    All 3 threads came in within a few minutes of each other, you guys are fast. :D

    Thanks for the update. Threads merged to maintain discussion in a single location.
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  5. Kgor93

    Kgor93 Well-Known Member

    Got the email too. I just hope they have enough stock and allow backorders this time. I'll be on the site at 3. If I can't get one, I'm done. I'll buy something else. Getting very frustrated with Google.
  6. DecTaylor

    DecTaylor New Member

    What about the UK?

    Hopefully it is just a case of them releasing them a day or so apart, so there isn't as much traffic to handle?
  7. killxswitch

    killxswitch Well-Known Member

    I hope this doesn't screw with people who've already ordered. I got the email saying my Nexus would be shipped this week, but others have gotten shipping notices and I have not.
  8. Speeds03

    Speeds03 Well-Known Member

    Very excited, unfortunately i'm at my work station which is slower than a mother... Nevertheless, I will try my luck and see if I get to buy the 16 GB and the Bumper.
  9. Thats

    Thats That guy is This VIP Member

    Goodluck to everyone going for their Nexus 4's today!! Hopefully you are able to get one! Also, I REALLY hope some developers get their hands on these. The dev community right now is slowly getting up there.
  10. Rcarnes91

    Rcarnes91 Well-Known Member

    man i hope my check is in the mail today it would suck if it is here tomorrow and they are already sold out again
  11. RaLeX

    RaLeX Well-Known Member

    I hear you. I was hoping to have this Verizon S3 sold by the time the Nexus became available again. Certainly didn't think it would become available this soon so I didn't budget appropriately :mad:
  12. Speeds03

    Speeds03 Well-Known Member

    Epic fail on my part. I tried to buy the Nexus 4 NOW. I live in NYC. What time is 12:00 PST here in NYC?
  13. RaLeX

    RaLeX Well-Known Member

    It'll be 3pm your time
  14. jhawkkw

    jhawkkw Chinchillin' Moderator

    I hope this second wave of sales goes much more smoothly for those buying. At the very least I hope that there won't be any timeouts or errors when processing it in the cart. I felt bad for those who had that happen and then didn't end up getting one.
  15. tmicrd68

    tmicrd68 Well-Known Member

    Hopefully, seeing that google actually sent the on sale emails out this time is a good sign :party:
  16. Skyroket

    Skyroket Well-Known Member

    nope... won't order! after seeing what happened with N7 and N4 i would rather wait til January and order it then.
  17. Pappy35

    Pappy35 Well-Known Member

    Me 2. I just got my $1 S3 so I'm going to hold off a few months and see if the big G releases an LTE version with more memory. This phone is nice but the screen's too dim in daylight. Still want the N4 but will be watching how G handles this round.

    Good luck to you that try.
  18. choubaka

    choubaka Member

    why U.S only!! make it available for Canada also :)
  19. Skyroket

    Skyroket Well-Known Member

    did you see BlackFriday sales on youtube.. How can big G resist such hungry crowd
  20. killxswitch

    killxswitch Well-Known Member

    Still no shipping notification. Google is going to take new orders and my original Nov. 13 order is going to get lost in the shuffle. Again. Un****ingbelievable.
  21. NeXuS4

    NeXuS4 Well-Known Member

    Man... That sucks... I would be so pissed...
  22. spriteboost

    spriteboost Well-Known Member

    i received my shipping info :) i'm guessing you'll get yours soon to gl :)
  23. shiv81

    shiv81 Well-Known Member

    Guys the 3pm est stock just sold out in a minute
  24. spriteboost

    spriteboost Well-Known Member

    no it hasn't started selling them yet i've been updating b4 12 n after lol
  25. killxswitch

    killxswitch Well-Known Member

    Sold out again! I got the chance to Add to Cart twice, both errored out, now it just says Sold Out again. Great job again Google! Way to learn NOTHING from last time! This is actually worse!

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