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  1. NickTB

    NickTB Member

    So I have had the Nexus since Friday and a couple of observations. If you are surfing the web via 3G does this bad boy get warm! I was really aware if the heat being generated by the phone near the top. anyone experienced this?

    Also, It handsomely shut down for no reason, this morning. Spoke to Google support (Excellent) eho advised a reset which I did. Lets see what happens.. although they did say that I have a year's warranty if it persists. again, anyone else experienced this?



  2. WoodrowB

    WoodrowB Active Member

    I have had my N4 for about a month and it is stock. I was surfing the web this weekend using my home wireless network and it randomly rebooted.

    I found it odd, though, that the battery stats looked funny at the instant of reboot.

    what do you think the sudden drop means, if anything?


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