Nexus 4 VERY blurry pictures!! Defect camera or software bug?Support

  1. Ballhannes

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    I really need your help on this one guys!

    I unpacked my brand new Nexus 4 yesterday. Everything seemed fine until I fired up the camera app. Everything was really blurry and the autofocus didn't seem to work at all! We're not talking about some minor autofocusing problem here, but a huge deal breaking disaster...

    I then also noticed that when I moved the camera really close to an object, the image got sharp! So, it's like it's in macro mode all the time or something. I've tried to restart the phone, factory reset etc. NOTHING works! The worst part is that I can't even go to google and replace it, because I live in Finland and got the phone brought home to me by a friend who visited USA... Is there anything I can do to make it work?

    I also tried a third party camera app (camera zoom fx) in which there were several focusing modes, like macro, normal, auto and infinity mode. Didn't matter which mode I used, there was no differens..

    Here's a link with some pictures!

    Have any of you guys experienced the same problem? I know there's been a lot of talk about the Nexus 4 camera, but I could never have imagined that a brand new flagship phone would have these kind of problems right out of the box. Please help me. [/SIZE]

  2. John Bean

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    I'm afraid that looks like a faulty camera to me. I know of no setting that could cause the effect you're seeing.
  3. El Presidente

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