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  1. charliecc

    charliecc Well-Known Member

    I hate you google.

    There I was, checking out the Nexus 4, thinking it was a very nice device but was too similar to my GNex to worry about upgrading, then bam, they come out with the price. If I trade in my GNex this thing is going to hardly cost anything. I hope I can resist.

    With regard to the operators, this is really going to piss them off (well in the UK anyway, can't speak for the US and their disgusting oligopoly). The profit is tying new customers into a new contract for 18 - 24 months, now what incentive is there. As stated above, I see it's being offered for free from CPW on a

  2. chrlswltrs

    chrlswltrs Well-Known Member

    I would love a dock that has built in wireless charging, I really don't expect one to be made that will work for though.

    I've tried a few docks and none work in my Jeep except a heavy duty one I found on eBay. Every other one I tried either falls off my windshield or my phone falls out or both. Not exactly a smooth ride with my off road tires, but I love it and wouldn't trade it for anything. So, I'll just be keeping my current dock.

    On another note, got some great news at the Tmobile store. I stopped in the store to see if they would give me any better deal since BestBuy was going to give me a $50 gift card with each upgrade. They said because of my plan I automatically get a $50 mail in rebate with every phone (so $149 per phone), plus they might be able to give me a discount that day since I am upgrading 3 lines this month. Plus, the store I went to can sell them on the 13th if they come in a day early. Oh, almost forgot... They are also going to give me my unlock codes that day so I will have unlocked phones :)
  3. adi19956

    adi19956 Well-Known Member

  4. JunBringer

    JunBringer Well-Known Member

    A brake wouldn't do anything because the phone is facing the back of the car so it would only get pushed harder into the magnet. I am hoping here that the magnet is strong enough that it wouldn't fall off if I swerved or hit a pot hole or something. Guess I'll find out the hard way lol
  5. charliecc

    charliecc Well-Known Member

    True, I should have added, the US networks appear to be operating in tacit collusion to keep prices artificially high. This, together with less intervention from a regulatory body, means prices are higher and choice is more restricted. I take on board the point about population density, but there's no denying the US telecoms requires much stronger regulation.

    Anyway, sorry to go off track, this thread is about the Nexus 4. Yay the Nexus 4, I want one.
  6. Banished Angel

    Banished Angel Well-Known Member

    For a single person to have a smartphone in the US it is approximately $100 a month with AT&T or Verizon, $85 a month with Sprint, and $60 - $80 a month with T-Mobile on a 2 year contract.

    With prepaid options through T-Mobile, subsidiaries of Sprint, or other companies that run off of T-Mobile or AT&T's networks you can get away with $25 - $50 a month off contract.

    What are prices like in the UK?
  7. Droid_Genius

    Droid_Genius Well-Known Member

    I'm excited for this phone and I am content with 8GB I only use some apps and I am more of a classic emulator guy (NES, PS1, etc) so that's plenty of storage for me and I listen to a little music here and there. My worry is that it will sell out fast and be weeks of waiting, hope they made enough for lil old me
  8. AndroidifyMe

    AndroidifyMe Well-Known Member

    They'll sale out for sure, but as long as you put up that money on the 13th then your good to go. I don't know if they'll do it at midnight or not. In a way your going to have to be a little pressed to make sure you get yours. Or pre-order from Negrielectronics right now. But it'll cost more from them. Your safe with Google
  9. charliecc

    charliecc Well-Known Member

    Well in my case I have a 12 month contract, SIM-only, i.e. no handset tie in,
  10. MichaelToye

    MichaelToye Member

    Hi all, thought I'd introduce myself...

    I am new to the forum and have been reading all the Nexus 4 threads with interest over the last couple of days.

    I've been an iPhone user since the 3G and I've been pretty happy with them - I do like to think i've been pragmatic on the strengths and weaknesses of all the phones I meet including Apple's shiny slabs.

    I have decided to move to Android and I really like the look of the Nexus 4, not least for being vanilla OS.

    So i'll be lurking in here quite a lot :)


    ps, although I still get lost in android, I did buy my sons nook tablets from the US, rooted them and got them up and running with Google play, etc, so i'm a bit up from noob.
  11. adi19956

    adi19956 Well-Known Member

    Welcome to AF, enjoy your stay!
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  12. rdubbs007

    rdubbs007 Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I am on the Monthly 4G at Tmo and I am only paying $30 a month (100 minutes, unlimited data, unlimited texting). It was worth the $300 ETF I paid ATT to get out of my contract there, I have pretty much saved enough each month to cover that already in the last 6 months. Plus I never really talk on the phone much anyway, and if I do it is usually with google voice (free).
  13. Trooper

    Trooper Well-Known Member

    Just ordered my Straight Talk micro sim.

    Step 1 is complete. :)
  14. adi19956

    adi19956 Well-Known Member

    Emailed Three for a micro SIM a few days ago "We will reply within 24 hours"

    Step 1 in progress :(
  15. RaLeX

    RaLeX Well-Known Member

    Hey all, about to order tMobile's 99cent micro SIM so I have it for the arrival of my Nexus 4 and $30/pre-paid plan. Just want to make sure I'm not automatically singing up for anything yet. I obviously have to sign up for a plan once I get it, but just finalizing the card to be shipped doesn't lock me into anything, correct?

    It says $0.00 all over the invoice, first month due, activation, etc... the only charge is the 0.99 for the card. So I think I'm good, just want to double check.
  16. frankied22

    frankied22 Active Member

    You won't be locked into anything. They are just sending you a micro SIM and. Regular sized SIM. You sign up for the plan later. I just relieved my .99 cent SIM activation kit from T-Mobile the other day.
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  17. RaLeX

    RaLeX Well-Known Member

    Great, thank you.

    First step complete. lol Can't wait until Tuesday.
  18. Trooper

    Trooper Well-Known Member

    Grr. Figures I have a meeting early Tuesday am. Hoping Google puts it up for sale at midnight. But not gonna get my hopes up.
  19. Banished Angel

    Banished Angel Well-Known Member

    I have work at 10. I can deal with it not being a midnight release, as long as it happens in the first 10 hours of the day lol. Knowing my luck it'll come out at 11 AM and be sold out by the time I get off work. Here's to hoping Google didn't underestimate demand on this phone!
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  20. kristalsoldier

    kristalsoldier Well-Known Member

  21. MartinS

    MartinS Well-Known Member

    I don't understand why the N4 is not up for preorder on Google Play? Once again Google Play buyers will receive their phone after high street shoppers.
  22. Liamo_210

    Liamo_210 Well-Known Member

    Dont no if i am allowed to make one or what the requirements are but i feel this phone deserves its own watering hole.

    So i guess ill start by saying im getting one and by asking who else is going to splash some cash for this device?

    Come on in guys kick up your feet and have some fun.
  23. Liamo_210

    Liamo_210 Well-Known Member

    Just 3 days unitil release. Excited??
  24. jmar

    jmar Nexican VIP Member

    I cannot get one because I am under contract with VZW and don't want to lose my unlimited LTE. If I wasn't under contract I might get one. That said, I do have a GNex and a Nexus 7, so I am doing pretty good in terms of devices.

    Congrats on the watering hole. Hope you get a crowd!

  25. Liamo_210

    Liamo_210 Well-Known Member

    Hope so too but i have a feeling since lg make the phone it wont be half as popular as the galaxy nexus

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