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Nexus 5 + Straight Talk Unlocked Phone MicroSIM (AT&T) = Fast LTE speedsGeneral

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  1. Jeff72

    Jeff72 New Member

    Nexus 5 + Straight Talk Unlocked Phone MicroSIM (AT&T) = Fast LTE speeds
    Note: I got the MicroSIM very recently after they began offering AT&T SIMs again with the LTE support, it was $7.43 after taxes with free shipping

    SpeedTest - Chicago area test to Chicago Comcast server

    Test 1
    21Mb/s download
    7.59Mb/s upload
    139 ms Ping

    Test 2
    18.24 Mbps download
    8.17 Mbps upload
    85 ms ping

    Test 3
    21.47 Mbps download
    10.55 Mbps upload
    84 ms ping


    For comparison purposes, here are results from my old phone:
    Galaxy Nexus (GSM) Results using Straight Talk unlocked phone SIM card (old standard mini-SIM) using AT&T 3G
    Test 1
    7.11 Mbps download
    1.13 Mbps upload
    118 ms Ping
    Test 2
    6.93 Mbps download
    1.15 Mbps upload
    130 ms ping

  2. jamiecta

    jamiecta Member

    looks great! I'm still messing with my APN settings trying to find something that works. I've ended up posting in the ST forums to see if I get any support there. A friend with an N5 reported similar stats though - impressive.
  3. Jeff72

    Jeff72 New Member

    I've heard the old SIMs may not work with the new APN settings on Straight Talks web site, that's why I got a new MicroSIM from Straight Talk recently and it works great so far with the current APN settings from Straight Talk's website.
  4. jamiecta

    jamiecta Member

    I bought my sim about a month ago in anticipation (just ported from Verizon last night) so hopefully I should be good on that front. Thanks for the info tho. I don't want to hijack your thread.

    I've asked for help in another thread so hopefully it will get resolved and I'll be zipping along like you are!
  5. Schex13

    Schex13 Well-Known Member

    So it mentions video streaming and the like violate the TOS. Does that include Netflix and such? I'd hope not...
  6. rexxcastle

    rexxcastle Well-Known Member

    What APN settings are you using, i cant get my MMS working and have a new card
  7. Jeff72

    Jeff72 New Member

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