Nexus 7 and Airdroid - does it work ok and is it easy to set up?Support

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  1. mm43

    mm43 Well-Known Member

    Was thinking about using Airdroid on my Nexus 7 but not sure how to go about it

    Is it easy to set up and use?

    Any advice would be great please.

  2. Mostly Harmless

    Mostly Harmless Well-Known Member Contributor

    It's pretty easy:

    1. Download/install Airdroid on Nexus 7

    2. Ensure your computer and Nexus 7 are on the same Wifi Network.

    3. Go to AirDroid on your computer.

    4. Start Airdroid on your Nexus 7 and follow the instructions.

    5. From there you should be able to upload and download files as you want. The UI can take a bit to get use to but it isn't hard at all.
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  3. tweak4

    tweak4 Well-Known Member

    Yes, and yes. Instructions in the post above cover what you need, but rest assured, it is super simple and works beautifully.
  4. mm43

    mm43 Well-Known Member

    Thanks harmless. Do I install Airdroid on my PC too?
    And are we talking about the same wireless network not computer network?
  5. tweak4

    tweak4 Well-Known Member

    No. Once you open it on your tab, it will point you towards a web address. Just go to that address in your PC's browser, enter the security code that AirDroid provides, and hit enter.

    In this context, they are one and the same. The wifi network that the tab is connected to needs to be accessible by the pc because the pc will connect to the tab using the local (internal) IP address for the tablet.
  6. hasbrobot

    hasbrobot Well-Known Member

    Thought I'd share this considering it might be appropriate. If you are looking for a way to transfer files to the nexus 7 and have a pc with internet connection. Which I'm assuming you do due to your questions about airDroid. Then i want to recommend this app to you. Its almost exact to an app called "awesome drop" that apparently no longer works. Anyhow this works excellent.

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  7. tcat007

    tcat007 Well-Known Member

    I use Airdroid if I'm sitting at my computer, but I'm normally a couch potato and just use Solid Explorer from my N7, no secret codes, just connect (with your password if you have one on your PC). Nice to have PC folders on one panel, and N7 folders on the other.
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  8. mm43

    mm43 Well-Known Member

    Thanks all.
    So which is the best, easiest and free?
    I just want the option of sending a few files to and fro from my nexus to pc and back
    Nothing complicated at all.
    Plus are they secure?
  9. mm43

    mm43 Well-Known Member

  10. hasbrobot

    hasbrobot Well-Known Member

    Ez. Dropper works well from pc to nexus but it doesn't send in reverse. It's quick
  11. lucky013

    lucky013 Well-Known Member

    Airdroid is simple for sending a receiving files and it's free. Putting in a code really isn't that difficult. You can set your own code too I believe.
  12. whs37

    whs37 Well-Known Member

    I use Airdroid because I do not want to wear out the mini USB port on the N7 (and they do wear out). It is simple to use. Only the security code is a bit of a pain.
  13. hasbrobot

    hasbrobot Well-Known Member

    Same reason I use ez dropper
  14. Old Guy 1

    Old Guy 1 New Member

    You can send files either way with EZ Dropper.

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