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Nexus 7 Bricked! What to do?

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  1. rbscairns

    rbscairns Member

    I was using the Nexus Root Toolkit by WugFresh v1.6.3 to reinstall the factory image. For some unknown reason, the system hung. I waited 3 hours, but nothing more happened.

    Now it appears as if my Nexus 7 is well and truly bricked.

    • The battery is fully charged.
    • When I press the power button, nothing happens.
    • When I press and hold the power button, nothing happens.
    • When I press the vol/down + power button, nothing happens.
    • When I press and hold the vol/down + power button, nothing happens.
    I also did the above with the Nexus 7 connected to the charger, with the same results. :confused:

    By saying "nothing happens", I mean the screen stays blank.

    It there anything I can do to get this tablet working again?

  2. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator

    Moved this to the root forum for you.

    Did you enable usb debugging before this?

    If so, you can try to issue an adb reboot command - you never know.

    You may have installed adb on your PC when you rooted.
  3. rbscairns

    rbscairns Member

    That you for the move into the correct forum.

    I did have USB debugging on before the brick. What is an ADB reboot command?


    I have now been able to get a response from my tablet. After holding down the power button, the screen now displays "Google" and an open padlock underneath and goes no further.

    I connected the tablet to my Win XP PC (with WugFresh Toolkit installed) and the tablet is recognised as Android Phone - Android ADB Interface with Google driver version dated 24 May 2012.

    Things are looking promising, however I am scared to turn anything off in case they don't work again.

    Any suggestions on what to now do?
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  4. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator

    That's good news! :)

    I'm good for some basics here and there, but really only advise in detail with what I own, which doesn't include what you have.

    I'd wait here until someone who really knows the rooting ropes on your N7 comes along to help - better safe than sorry at this point! :)
  5. rbscairns

    rbscairns Member

    Problem solved!

    After many tries, I was able to get into bootloader mode with the vol+power key. Once there, I used the WugFresh toolkit to Flash Stock + Unroot with the Soft-Bricked/Bootloop option.

    All worked well and I now have a fresh install of the factory image. :D

    I am now a happy little Androidian. :p

    In future I will be MUCH more careful if I ever decide to root my Nexus 7.
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  6. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator

  7. DimBulb

    DimBulb Well-Known Member

    I wont trade horror stories, you just survived your own, good, I'm glad your able to breath again!:)

    Yesterday, I did a little research since I've remained puzzled about not being able to get into a Nexus 7, like I can with my phone. I found these YouTube videos. Now if I do need to, I think, I'll pull the back cover and undo the battery cable.

    Pull the battery:
    HOWTO: Remove and Replace Nexus 7 Battery - YouTube
    And the more extreme take the Nexus 7 apart:
    How to Take apart the tablet nexus 7 by Durapowerglobal.com - YouTube

    I'm rooted, and want to stay rooted, so the warranty really isn't going to stop me from doing that in the future, if stuck.
  8. lucky013

    lucky013 Well-Known Member

    With the stock images and toolkits readily available you would be hard pressed to brick a Nexus 7. Not impossible just difficult.

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