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  1. Teknologic

    Teknologic Well-Known Member

    There's really no problem with the battery, what you read here is a built-in safety in many android devices to prevent battery damage. There's thousands of people who run down their nexus 7 completely every day, but only a few dozen post here about their nexus 'going to sleep'.
    It's not an issue, it's a safety feature.

    Most people are very satisfied with their N7, forums just tend to collect a lot of people, troubleshooting some issues.

  2. lancsman

    lancsman New Member

    Teknologic, and others,

    Thanks you for your comments and assistance.
    I tried all the recovery and reboot actions suggested on my original Nexus 7 - but could not resolve the start-up and charging issue.
    Contacted the supplier here in UK (Tesco Direct) on Monday (8 Oct) - and after trying a couple of suggested resets they agreed to replace immediatel - with delivery 'next day'.
    Sure enough the new one arrived yeaterday (Tues 9 Oct) - no problems, and the faulty one was taken away.
    Glad to say the new one is behaving itself and all items I had previously bought were there waiting for me when I had completed the set-up.

    Yes - frustrating to have the initial Nexus 7 'die' on me - but big credit to Tesco Direct for very prompt resolution and replacement within 24 hours.
    They get a lot of criticism at times but this is excellent service which should be acknowledged.

    All OK now and enjoying the Nexus 7 very much.

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  3. wtherrell

    wtherrell Well-Known Member

    I felt like I was in an alternate reality today reading this thread. I have a Samsung Galaxy 7.0 plus. The exact thing described in this thread has happened to it twice after the ICS update. Was going to return it to Samsung for repair, but plugged in the original power cable that came with it into the wall charger and left it overnight. Next morning I pressed the power button and the charging animation came on. Wheeeww! (This does not work with the extra power / data cable I purchased even though that one charges normally in every instance but this. ) Booted up and put back on charger-all OK except no Google connection and Date showed Jan 1 2000. Manually set date and time, and suddenly it connected and synced to Google. So this is not just an Asus thing. I will not hesitate to get a N7 as soon as the 32GB version is available. :D
  4. nhirsch

    nhirsch Member

    Thanks for that idea! Mine was totally dead so held the power button as you said for about 30 seconds and then "Google"! Now it's charging.

    Thanks again!
  5. Needachange

    Needachange New Member

    My kid was playing some game on N7 when it died. I thought it discharged completely so I connected to the wall charger (the original one) and it started charging showing the white battery sign. After about an hour when I looked at it, the screen was on and there were some weird horizontal colored dotted lines moving on it. AND IT WAS HOT ON THE BOTTOM LEFT SIDE. I disconnected it from the wall charger and tried to turn it off and back on. After some effort, it turned on and I got surprised to notice that the battery was at 0%. I wasn't even completely surprised yet when it turned off again showing a glimpse of those same colored horizontal dotted lines. It's been almost 12 hours since then but I haven't been able to turn it back on.*
    I held the power button...........for two minutes even. I kept it connected to the wall charger over night. I connected it to PC USB for several hours. I even prayed for it*:eek: but all in vain.
    Any suggestion or at least a diagnosis? And yeah in my country, Google products are not covered, so I won't be able to claim a replacement.
  6. Needachange

    Needachange New Member

    And it started working again.......thank God!
    Here is what I did:
    Removed the back cover. Did it with my finger nail. I was looking for some place to insert my nail in and the cover actually popped out a bit. Form there onward, it was a piece of cake.
    Disconnected the battery (checked ifixit website for that).
    Reconnected it.
    Pushed the power button and it turned on.
    Battery is at 100% coz it remained on charge overnight.
    So that was all about resetting the battery.

    Thanks a million to everyone who helped.
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  7. emather

    emather New Member

    THANK YOU Folks!!! My Nexus appeared to 'die' late yesterday evening - google search bought me here!! Plugged it into the charger & holding in the power button for longer than expected worked a treat = simples!!! Soon charged up!
  8. DogNo1

    DogNo1 New Member

    Thank goodness I found this forum! Holding the power button for 30 seconds brought back my Nexus although when it came back, it said that it was fully charged. I hadn't used it while charging but I did turn it off after I had connected it to the charger. I'll try turning the Nexus off before connecting the USB cable in the future. I'm so glad that I don't have to return it. I've only had it for three days.
  9. Kentsterizme

    Kentsterizme New Member

    I was getting intermittent charging issues with my 7 and finally fixed it with a Lil shot of compressed air to the charging port...

    Sometimes ya just have to check the basics...

  10. johnjrllee

    johnjrllee New Member

    I got my nexus on the 9/9/2012 and on the 28/10, I noticed that my Nexus doesn't charge properly, a loose connection said the Google person who will send me a replacement.
    Also, my Nexus 7 Mic doesn't work. I found that today (30/10.)

    Does anybody have help for either of these issues?
  11. Zushauque

    Zushauque New Member

    I have a similar issue on my nexus 7 ,I broke its screen and went to fix it , after a week I got it back and its battery was like 1%. Went home and plugged it in the charger ... nothing happened ... tried to go to the boot loader ... the volume buttons didn't work ... and while it was plugged in it did not show any indication of being charged ... I left it for a while and it was 4% DISCHARGING ... and it kept rising till 100% .. and still shows discharging , I tried reflashing the stock again but still doesn't show me that its charging.
  12. colchiro

    colchiro Well-Known Member

    No issues here at all. Those with battery issues are in the minority. :D
  13. eftaxias

    eftaxias New Member

    Hi guys, first post here to thank you about the problem I had. As I see many people here had the same when drain the battery full..

    I solved it by pressing the power button for about 25 sec and after then charging -not with stoch charger/cable.

    My question is: To avoid this problem again what it the solution? Ok.. the easy answer is "do not drain the battery" but I mean until how much % is it safe to use without charging? And something else, same important: can I use my nexus 7 while charging?

    Thank you...
  14. lanny87

    lanny87 New Member

    this happened to me too. thank you so much for this tip, really really helps, considering i bought my tablet OUTSIDE my country and it only had local warranty. :O
  15. Teknologic

    Teknologic Well-Known Member

    You can use it just fine while charging, should be no problem. As for a 'safe %' there really is no way to tell. It depends from battery to battery. I've seen mine go to 3% and I've never seen this issue. Perhaps after enough charge cycles your battery calibration will have improved. But it's always safe to just try and get it plugged in around 20%
    Draining it too low isn't good for its health anyway.
  16. eftaxias

    eftaxias New Member

    Thank you very much Teknologic! :)
    As I usualy use my tablet at home, it is easy for me to charge it whenever it is better for the battery.

    One last question: Can I charge it also at any level of battery, without taking risk for the health of the battery? For example: The battery lever is at 60% and for some reason I want it full for tomorrow. It is better to use it until 20% and charge it or there is no problem to charge it at 60%?

    Thanks a lot, really helpful people here ;)
  17. Teknologic

    Teknologic Well-Known Member

    Shouldn't be a problem at all, unlike the old batteries, these ones take very well to top-ups. It is said tho, that these types of batteries perform best between 20-80%
    But there's a whole bunch of protection hardwired into them that takes care of things without the need for you to worry about it. I believe it slows charging upwards of 90% and very slowly approaches the relative 100%
    The only way you could slightly mess with it was if you'd be fully charging it and then unplugging, plugging back in, turning it on and off all at around 100. That might skew the calibration some, but still not worrisome.
  18. eftaxias

    eftaxias New Member

    Thank you again friend! Really helped me, because after my problem I was stressed!

    But, to be honest, I did not like that after draining my battery I faced this problem! Because charging the battery for 8 hours and have an 6% level... yes its a problem! Trying to use the device with 2% and charging and however it closes... its a problem also! It is very annoying, after draining the battery (for any reason) that you have to Restart it (by pressing the power button 30 seconds) to have a good use after.......

    Do you others use only OEM charger or charge with other chargers (always 2A and 5.0 V usb) and other USB cables? I charge with the OEM charger but with another, simple usb cable from eBay.. Will I have any problem?
  19. uma1rkhan

    uma1rkhan New Member

    Hey guys

    Twice this has happened with me, I was using my Nexus 7 with red battery on it. Both times I was browsing the web with chrome when my tablets display suddenly went out. After few seconds I plugged it to the charger and it would open with while dotted lines all over the screen. The moment I disconnect the charger the display goes out. 3rd time when I plug in the charger and turn on my Nexus, the battery sign comes and its charging again.

    First time this happened, I charged it fully and for almost 2 weeks it run with perfection until today it happened for the second time. It charging right now, will update you guys if its totally dead or not.

    Anyone knows a fix or can actually diagnose the problem?
  20. colchiro

    colchiro Well-Known Member

    Sounds like a hardware problem. I've never seen that.

    Most people that get a corrupt display, end up replacing it under warranty.
  21. wtherrell

    wtherrell Well-Known Member

    Probably not related to the same problem but Last night my 32 Gb N7 went dead also. Don't know what happened. I turned off the screen and attached the device to the new Minisuit keyboard / cover I had just purchased. This morning it was dead. No magnets in the cover--oh, wait--I laid the unit down on top of the Moko swivel case it had been in. That case has a magnet--maybe it kept the screen on all night? Woke up OK after I charged it. I'll try putting it into keyboard again tonight and put it on the dresser so I'm sure it's away from any magnets.
  22. uma1rkhan

    uma1rkhan New Member

    Update: I charged my Nexus 7 to max battery and it is all good again. No issues reported... Plus it does not happen everytime the battery is low, only twice, sounds something weird, i am currently in Pakistan where as I got it from US Play Store so warranty is a tough thing for me. Asus has no service centre here
  23. Andie33

    Andie33 New Member

    I have bought my Tablet in September 4th for my birthday. Few days ago now it won't charge. The cord could not stay in the tablet. :mad:
  24. Steve_S_T

    Steve_S_T Well-Known Member

    It certainly helped me, thanks Shoebox.

  25. newnexus7

    newnexus7 New Member

    Thanks a Zillion......Brought a new Nexus7 32 GB today..When i switched it on, the battery was showing a warning.. i plugged in the charger and the icon shows a flash symbol implying it is charging but the charge stays at 0% no matter how long i charge it....if i remove the charger the battery warning sign re-appears and i don't know if there is any charging left in the battery at all nd it switched off a couple of times...... after trying to charge with different USB cables including the stock charger..nothing worked...shows up as charging when plugged in..batter stays at 0% (in the settings it actually says not able to determine the battery's current staus !) as a last resort followed your advice...opened the back cover with my nail and disonnected and reconnected the battery cable (the cable was not properly/fully into the leads inside..i guess that was what the original problem was)..restarted the it shows 100% battery ..solved the problem 100%. Saved me from the hassle of returning it back and waiting for the new one !

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