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  1. Ninjuninju

    Ninjuninju New Member

    Has anyone played around with the onboard gps to plan for a roundtrip or the maximum distance you can go before the battery dies out? I'm interested to know in order to plan for my next big road trip if the nexus 7 can perform what I want.

    I'm sure you are already aware that you have to set up your route before you jump out of the house.
    So far I figured out that if you use the automated GPS system, if you try and multitask you get kicked out automatically jump back to the standard navigation that google offers.
    If you suddenly change your direction, Google map will automatically correct your path, even though it might not be the best path since it does not have live access once you are in your car.

    Please Share your experience with everyone!

  2. DC IT

    DC IT Well-Known Member

    If you want to use the N7 in your car you'd want to find a device to mount it properly and charge to unit during your trip unless it's a short trip.
    You also have to tap the display every few minutes to prevent it from turning off.
    I've not tried using the N7 nav in my two cars cos I don't have a way to mount it.
    But I've used my Galaxy Note mounted to my windshield and connected to a car charger and it works fine.
    BTW, both my vehicles have in dash OEM nav and BT so my calls are routed through the car speakers.
    The Google maps are more updated than the vehicle nav which is why I also use the Note's nav.
    However the only drawback of using the cell or N7 is it uses the data plan for internet connections.
    This can get expensive if you have to pay fr roaming charges.
    So if you don't have onboard nav then a Garmin GPS is the answer for use in the car.
  3. JanComputerman

    JanComputerman Well-Known Member

    I find that the biggest problem with a dedicated gps is that the screen is so small that you can't see enough details when you zoom out to see where you are relative to surrounding cities and points of interest. My iPad helps a little but doesn't track my location on the map when off line or cache map data well but this Nexus 7 does so I look forward to using it on my next trip
  4. MartinS

    MartinS Well-Known Member

    Seems to work OK.
    I have tried it tethered to my Galaxy Nexus for data and use Power Controls widget where you can add a screen always on toggle. I don't have a mount so it wasn't a long test.

    Edit: Correction, I believe Google Maps Nav stops the screen from sleeping anyway.
  5. calbearz24

    calbearz24 Active Member

    Search the Play store for an app called Screebl. It'll keep your screen on when the device is tilted within a certain (customizable) range. I got the pro version for my Atrix when Amazon had it as the free app of the day and it helps so much that it was one of the first I installed on my N7.
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  6. Ninjuninju

    Ninjuninju New Member


    I can confirm that the Google Map NAV stops the screen from sleeping as I took a stroll around the block for about 10 mins the screen reacted to my movements and gave me voice directions even outside of wi-fi range.

    It's very cool

    What I would plan to do with this tablet is to hook the sound over to my car stereo to broadcast the directions through my car speakers. But as for how long it would last, I guess it cannot hurt to buy a car charger.
  7. val88

    val88 Well-Known Member

    I haven't tried. I'll do it later. On my phone all audio streams to my car via bluetooth audio in my car. So I'm guessing nav audio will come through my car's speakers once I have the N7 paired to my car. But to tell you the truth, my car's nav in many ways is nicer than google nav. I may however see if I can use both in some meaningful way.
  8. DC IT

    DC IT Well-Known Member

    I've downloaded it and seems to work.
    To me the integration the Google Calendar with Google Map and NAV as well as Yellow Pages ap is a superior set up to the OEM nav in my vehicles.

    I can enter my appointments in my Google calendar then when I'm on the road open it and click on the phone number and call my clients to confirm the appointment. Then click on the address which will launch Google map to show me the destination.
    If I am familiar with the street and how to get there I just leave the display on Google Map which shows the traffic on Route.
    If I'm not familiar with the destination I can switch Google Map to NAV instantly.
    I can't do that on my OEM Nav!

    If I book an appointment on the road I can use Yellow Pages application to search the address via reverse phone number.
    Once the address is displayed in can click on it to launch Google Map or NAV to get to my destination.
    Again I can't do this on my vehicle's Nav.

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