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Nexus 7 laggy after 4.2.2 updateGeneral

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  1. Enoch_Root

    Enoch_Root New Member

    My Nexus 7 has become very slow and laggy following 4.2.2 update. Constantly takes ages for web pages to load, getting the "stopped responding" message in multiple apps, etc etc.

    Anyone else had this, any suggestions to solve it?

  2. sushifor5

    sushifor5 Well-Known Member

    I'm having trouble, too... screen scrolling isn't add smooth and chrome is slow.
  3. jhsrennie

    jhsrennie Well-Known Member

    It's a pain, but if it were my N7 I'd do a factory reset. A few people have reported problems after updates and a factory reset generally cures them.
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  4. sushifor5

    sushifor5 Well-Known Member

    Does that erase my content and apps? I know nothing, lol. Is there a special process?
  5. jhsrennie

    jhsrennie Well-Known Member

    Yes, though you can simply reinstall the apps from the Play Store. You should copy off any content you want to keep e.g. hook the N7 up to your PC with a USB cable and copy everything off. Actually it's good practice to do this sort of backup anyway as you never know when you'll break or lose the N7.

    Do do a factory reset go to Settings, Backup and Reset, Factory Data Reset. After the tablet reboots it will go through the same initial setup that it did when you first got it.

    You can do an online backup from Settings, Backup and Reset but I'm not a big fan of this because the restore is indiscriminate i.e. it just restores everything that was originally present. That means it might restore whatever is causing the problem. I generally use a factory reset as an opportunity to get rid of all the junk that inevitably accumulates as you use the tablet.
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  6. sushifor5

    sushifor5 Well-Known Member

    Great info, thanks! I have a mac, so I'm assuming the process of backing up to my computer might be a bit more complicated? Will need to Google and read, lol.
  7. samski

    samski Active Member

    I'm having these issues too. Just now my nexus 7 told me the UI had crashed when I tried to switch app into adobe reader. After doing that twice it then reset my background to the default one!! I rebooted and it had still forgotten it. A factory reset should not be the solution - I use this tablet a lot and font have time to be reinstalling everything!

    The home screen loads VERY slowly and seems to be constantly rebuilding it. More and more unhappy with the n7 at the minute - first it was the slow keyboard (which still happens from time to time) now the whole damn thing is crashing on me.
  8. dibblebill

    dibblebill Well-Known Member

    Generally, some reason, udpating any prior Android version to 4.2.2 requires a factory resetting of the device. I haven't figured out why, but it pertains to other devices with custom 4.2.2 ROM's as well
  9. rich2626

    rich2626 Well-Known Member

    Haven't had any problems....yet!
  10. godsdragon

    godsdragon VIP Member VIP Member

    I called Google tech support. Very helpful and courteous. Knowledgeable lady. She said to restore tablet to factory specs. No problems after that (make sure you back up your apps and data first):)
  11. sushifor5

    sushifor5 Well-Known Member

    OK, dumb question... is restore same as reset... And backup is by copying our info to computer?
  12. John Bean

    John Bean Happy Wanderer

    Restore/reset: the critical phrase is "to factory settings", and the simplest way to do that is use the "Factory data reset" option under "Backup & reset" in the settings menu - where you'll also the Google backup and restore settings.

    Note that this will not back up your data, it backs up only data used by the apps themselves. You will need to do your own backup of any personal stuff to another computer or cloud storage (like Google Drive, say).
  13. Claghorn

    Claghorn Well-Known Member

    I've been noticing that right after I get updates from google play it will be laggy, but in a few seconds it is fine again. I've been assuming it gets preoccupied by finishing up the installs of the new versions and doesn't notice me hitting buttons on the screen right away.
  14. Mr. Lucky

    Mr. Lucky Well-Known Member Contributor

    Before taking the drastic step of a factory reset, you might want to try disabling background sync in Google Currents (or disable the app if you don't use it). I don't know why the 4.2.2 update would suddenly make it an issue, but this has resolved the lag issue for many people.
  15. Legobricke

    Legobricke Well-Known Member

    Some have claimed that clearing the cache also restores the tab back to smooth operations.

    Turn Nexus off...

    Turn Nexus on and hold power and volume down until it shows an android and menu.

    Use the volume buttons to get to restore. press power to select.

    When the android with the red exclamation point shows, press and hold power and then quick press the volume up. it then should display another menu. select clear cache and then reboot.

  16. MheAd

    MheAd New Member

    I've also noticed some performance issues. It's not the visual lag that bothers me really. I also came to notice that I get small, sporadic *hickups* like CPU cant handle do load, while playing music. This happens when I surf the net more intensively or just click around, but nothing too intense that a 4 core cpu wouldn't handle. This happens with all kinds of formats - Spotify, stream from local network from Xbmc (music), local (SD-storage) playback of mp3s and flacs on various media players. It's quite of sporadic nature, it doesn't happen a lot, but it's there. So this would be kind of 'audio' lag. I'm connected through pair of 3.5mm phones. The pop sounds I get to hear kind of remind of the bug on Samsung Galaxy S3 when it was initially released, although that one occured under different circumstances (when the screen was off). Anyone else has this issue? I've just downgraded my N7 from 4.2.2 to 4.1.2 and will be doing some testing to see if the sound bugs are gone now. To me this is one of the fundamental functions - stable music playback. I'm considering to return my device...
  17. BubbaHotepUK

    BubbaHotepUK Well-Known Member

    I found that the Yahoo Mail app was causing massive lag. Simply uninstalled it and my Nexus 7 is now like new. No idea why this should be the case, as it wasn't using battery or CPU, but taking it off has solved the lag.

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