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  1. skelms

    skelms Well-Known Member

    So the nexus 7 is now available in Japan, only the 16gb model for ¥19,800 (about $250). It comes with a ¥2,000 store credit (I didn't see anything about a free movie or the $10 NFC credit).

    I wish I waited for it to come to Japan...I had mine shipped to my mom in the USA, but she has had some problems mailing it overseas, USPS told her she had to remove the battery to ship mom has no tech skills whatsoever. I am still waiting for her to ship it...argh
    And now the google play store has a books section on the Japanese store (used to be only movies and apps)

  2. brave_beaker

    brave_beaker Active Member

    heeeeeeeey! thanks for the info, I already ordered mine last week but I am still waiting, I think fedex are really slow! hope the 2000 yens come in handy. :)

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